I CRGreathouse talk The joke is that there are a lot of running components in Randall’s computer services, daemons, applications The only things really worth doing are the things there is no real reason for doing. This page was last edited on 21 March , at Retrieved from ” https: A box is an instruction, a diamond indicates a question, and the arrows control the flow from one symbol to another. Many computer algebra systems have chosen to implement only the simpler Risch-Norman algorithm, which does not come with the same guarantee.

If you write a toolkit, and then find you need to write a buildsystem or other infrastructure and at some point find your buildsystem using the toolkit, you are probably doing something wrong. Awful hack from By finding appropriate values for functions such that your problem is in the form , your problem may be simplified. Just because what you are doing is on path which seems to go nowhere doesn’t mean the path is not worth it. This intuition is shown here in the form of a diagram. I CRGreathouse talk It is invoked in science and engineering during control volume analysis that is, to track the rate of change of a quantity within a control volume, it suffices to track the fluxes in and out of the control volume boundary , but is rarely used directly and even when it is used directly, the functions that are most frequently used in science and engineering are well-behaved, like sinusoids and polynomials.

I pulled out some of the old papers to review my knowledge of symbolic differential algebra it’s been a while! Privacy policy About explain xkcd Disclaimers. Oddly enough it mentions Riemann integration, but that is the integral most people know how to use. File Transferwhere the simple task of sending a file from one computer to another gets practically impossible despite having all kinds of cloud tools available, many of them designed to perform much more complex tasks with one simple click.


Or in the paragraph immediately under the “Tron kiss” picture in this other articlethat I also found. Bessel functions are like 2d versions of sin and cos, and turn up sometimes when doing integration.

Differentiation and Integration – explain xkcd

After the first step of integration, Randall assumes that any integration can not be solved so simply, and then dives into a step named “???? It would be quicker to try Wolfram Alpha instead of installing Mathematica, which uses the same backend for mathematical calculations.

Forget about official “tech people,” even godforsaken ordinary users spend way too much time wrestling with this stuff. Many computer algebra systems have chosen to implement only the simpler Risch-Norman algorithm, which does not come with the same guarantee. The rest of the text in the chart is written inside the boxes. Without the Calc, couldn’t do the physics; without the physics, couldn’t get my 2-yr degree and move on from community college to a full university.

I’ve modified the explanation with a variation of this; Xkkcd left the original explanation in place since maybe there’s some value in it. Turns out there are a lot more e. For any andit follows that if.

Two other exits goes to the most active library most arrows and to the repository which is the only box without exits.

xkcd computer problem solving flowchart

By then, Randall had already forgotten why he wanted to use that software in the first place, and now he only uses it to keep the rest of the loop running. The only things really worth doing are the things there is no real reason for doing.

xkcd computer problem solving flowchart

This is a nuisance prblem users, and it becomes helplessly burdensome when the user must install several programs requiring different settings.

After all, Gen 8 Pokemon was announced the other day, so you read it as “Pokemon League Integration”. All modifications of the programs are preserved for posterity, in the same way as the Wikipedia View history tab. There are three entries but as the only of the connected boxes this box has no exits. Alternatively, it could be an ironic hint to the fact that in order to find the integral, it may even be necessary to break the law or upset higher powers, so that the negative consequences of a persecution can only be avoided by destroying the evidence.


If somebody knows how to express that xkxd fluently, please do so. Typical tools are text editors and calendar applications. Phone calls to mathematicians Oh No Burn the Evidence [More arrows pointing out of the image to suggest more steps.

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Discussion I think he forgot one: This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat Cauchy’s Integral formula is a result in complex analysis that relates the value of a contour integral in the complex plane to properties of the singularities in the interior of the contour. I’m the author of the original explanation that about Android things. So one that only has exits and one that only has entries!

This page was last edited on 21 Marchat It has an entry from the only box that does not it self have any entries, the bottom right library.

xkcd computer problem solving flowchart

How do I print out a flowchart? Does it bother anyone else that he wrote “soley” or am I missing something?