Most people consider computers as tools to achieve something else — e. Retrieved from ” https: Technically it is only a semi-algorithm, and cannot produce an answer unless it can determine if a certain symbolic expression is equal to 0 or not. But most important is the bottom right library that starts everything since this is the only of the interconnected boxes that does not itself have any entry. An application designed to automatically download and install new versions of an already installed program.

The fact that the arrows in the bottom of the integration part leads to nowhere indicates that “Phone calls to mathematicians”, “Oh no” and “Burn the evidence” are not final steps in the difficult journey. The Riemann integral is a definition of definite integration. This is the most busy box with three entries and three exits. The catch is, there exists no algorithm for determining what functions they might possibly be, so this approach quickly devolves into a guessing game – this has been the topic of an earlier comic, Alternatively, it could be an ironic hint to the fact that in order to find the integral, it may even be necessary to break the law or upset higher powers, so that the negative consequences of a persecution can only be avoided by destroying the evidence.

This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat A Virtual computed is a computer program designed to emulate a complete computer. Please edit as you see fit.

xkcd computer problem solving flowchart

And when I think about it, a lot of “things I want to do” are just learning about and discussing new tools for tinkering with the chain. But on the other hand, then the box with things he actually wishes to use the computer for, is then not disconnected from problme rest, but an integral part of it all. The title text is a pun that defines the term not as integration that works with symbols, but rather as integration as a symbolic act, as if it were a component of a ritual.


Four of them has one entry and one exit arrow and twice one library exits only to another library. Explanation [ edit ] The comic is about how much time a geek might spend on a computer just to maintain the system itself, rather than actually using it for something relevant.

xkcd computer problem solving flowchart

All the other stuff is thus only there to make it flowchatt to use the computer for these purposes. It’s tools for the sake of tooling, rather than tools as helpers to build something else.

Note the exception of writing an IDE in your toolkit, for your toolkit, is not only okay, it is doing it wring. So one that only has exits and ckmputer that only has entries! Here is a list of all the items explained individually: Is connecting two libraries, exiting to the most active library most arrows.

1579: Tech Loops

Without the Calc, couldn’t do the physics; without the physics, couldn’t get my 2-yr degree and move flowchwrt from community college to a full university. As many Calculus 2 students are painfully aware, integration is much more complicated than the differentiation it undoes.

This has the advantage that the dynamic library is not loaded at all if it’s not needed, and also several processes which need the same dynamic library can share the same copy in memory. If somebody knows how to express that more fluently, please do so.

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Views Read Edit View history. This intuition is shown here in the form of a diagram. Thus the information stored here never leaves; this means the programs stored in the repository are not used. Now I feel like the first explanation was ccomputer worded and this one says about the same thing but fits much better. Awful hack from A hardware equivalent would be reprap: There are six libraries.


By finding appropriate values for functions such that your problem is in the form your problem may be simplified. Privacy policy About explain xkcd Disclaimers.

Tech Loops – explain xkcd

For programmers a repository is a database where programs are stored. The chain probably started when Randall wanted to test a new software in Linux, that is known to have a nightmarish package system based on dependencies, so he had to install a lot of libraries and perform some ugly hacks to get the software working, which in turn required other packages to be installed and tweaked.

It is invoked in science and engineering during control volume analysis that is, to track the rate of change of a quantity within a control volume, it suffices to track the fluxes in and out of the control volume boundarybut is rarely used directly and even when it is used directly, the functions that are most frequently used in science and engineering are well-behaved, like sinusoids and polynomials.

Which are thus in reality not needed at all. Did you saw any tourist complaining that the trek he’s on is supposed to end on the same place it started? IRC for some reason: This was corrected later on the release day. Privacy policy About explain xkcd Disclaimers.