What is SMB IT? – an SOP for Managed Services

What is SMB IT?

SOP for Managed Services

Timeline –
00:00 What is SMB IT?
00:30 What is a small business?
02:22 The core of what we do is 1-25 employees
03:56 Most business owners have an outdated view of technology
04:30 Technicians today need a certain tool set
06:10 Outsourced IT is cheaper than in-house IT
07:13 You’re not really saving money by doing it yourself
08:12 Today you need somebone who sees the bigger picture
09:48 What’s your critical number?
10:21 Talk to a professional IT consultant
10:54 Build a long term relationship
11:19 Call to action

More info at https://www.sop4smb.com