All books described children with DS as being severely-profoundly mentally retarded with life expectancy of about five years. Until a friend of mine introduce me to MR Samsul Alam who promised to help me and indeed he did as he promised without any form of delay. Loan Offer May 3, at 8: I am a business loan lender i give out loans to people who are in need and have the confidence that they can repay the loan and give credit to the Loans rental, i give out loans like: Anonymous March 18, at 7:

I told my self that any Loan lender that could change my Life and that of my family, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to Them. Although we were repeating third grade for the third time, it seemed my twins were finally “getting it”, making progress and no longer needing my constant vigilance on every lesson. I’d probably laugh and skip off the plane and see what kinds of things I could get into in Holland. But use it only if u rly cant write anything down. All to say, both poems have helped me put into words what it’s like for us as parents of a child with Down syndrome. Now Im trying to start my own family and it hasnt happened as easily as I hoped.

Name Of Applicant in Full: What is life like now as the mom of an adult son with DS?

welcome to holland essay by emily perl kingsley

If you’re fed up with the current situation in your life and are prepared to take kigsley major leap of faith with us I assure you that you will not be disappointed. And while it’s true that the years fly by and we should appreciate every moment of our kids’ young years, with our daughter with Down syndrome, it’s different.

Welcome to Holland Interview with Emily Perl Kingsley

However, it seems to poem is just a moms interpreation o her experience. Do you need a loan construction or to invest? Others realize that being in a country where you do not speak the language is very scary and intimidating, and spend the whole time in their room, afraid to leave. My feeling was that I included the paragraph about the pain of the experience covered emioy aspect and it was necessary to include that as part of the experience.


Rick Simpson January 17, at 8: She’s 19 now, but looks and behaves like a 13yo. Thank you for sharing.

It may take years to make sense of it all. Is life with my Autistic child quite the same as what I thought parenting would be? Thank you to Emily for not only the poem but for taking steps early on that most were not and for educating Jason and helping moms today do this. And for the rest of your life, you will say “Yes, that’s where I was supposed to go. You get there on foot, fighting off therapies and medication and IEPs and EEGs, where other parents hop on the plane from America and gather up their T-Ball and Piano lessons, and emilg planned family outings, while you still meticulously plan your next expedition to advance your front to Italy.

I like the saying, “Everything is going to be okay in the end.

welcome to holland essay by emily perl kingsley

There was a tremendous stigma. Notify me of new posts by email. It’s through a friend that I met this honest and generous God fearing man who helped me get this fund to pay for the loan of your life, you need financial help, you’re stuck, do not have access to bank credit, or not in favor of the bank to finance your construction, real estate development, the development of your business your own business, you must have seen and earn money, bad credit or need money to pay bills or debts.

Others lose our luggage, and spend the first two days at the airport, using the sink as a sponge bath. I feel as though it degrades not just myself, nor just people with Galactosemia, but anyway who is “different” from the rest. I would have to say that “Welcome to Holland” was an important milestone for the time and is still very relevant today. Are you in any financial crisis?


Jessica Shannon Shirley July 7, at 6: The version used wasn’t a parenting reference, but a parable on managing expectations and culture shock. But then you find yourself in Holland where you have zero knowledge, zero competence in the country, and what was once a journey you were confident to take is a journey that you are now terrified to embrace because you don’t know how to do it.

Welcome to Holland

I have a daughter that is physically handicaped And just so you know It is a huge difference in dealing with both. Your interpretation is fine, but your delivery sounds angry and self-righteous.

welcome to holland essay by emily perl kingsley

kkngsley Welcome to Holland was a fabulous analogy for me and I wondered about the woman who wrote it. Look at that, you caused an effect.

So the poem didn’t really give me comfort or aid in my understanding of the new situation I was unexpectedly confronting. I feel enriched for having debated the ideas on my own for a little bit. It is painful to see my son have seizures and heartbreaking to watch him not be able to communicate.

Would you give me permission to do so? Jon Davies November 29, at 2: Yes, we have very unique struggles, and yes there are definitely challenges, but there are struggles and challenges in everyone’s lives and who am I to say that they are better or worse than yours?