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Thank you for your inspiring interview with Emily Perl Kingsley. Welcome to Holland, or a version of it was published prior to It did give me pause to think of all the things by daughter will do in her life that are so beautiful, even if they aren’t some of the things I had planned before she arrived. If you did in fact read of my realities, you would know that I also have a typically developing child as well, and am familiar with the differences both harder and easier that each child presents me as a parent. Do you need LOAN to settle urgent debts and stay with one lender?

Do you need finance to start up your own business or expand your business, Do you need funds to pay off your welcoke I agree with a previous comment that suggested some of the anger toward this poem may actually be more appropriately directed at the people who share it with me and assume that A nobody has ever shared it with me before, or B my reading it will cause the clouds to part and brilliant rays of wisdom to come beaming into my brain.

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welcome to holland essay by emily perl kingsley

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Do you need a business loan? Posted by Momma Dulock at 3: She nailed my experience to a T. I sometimes take him to doctor appointments if something serious is going on but most of the time he is on his own or goes with a staff member.

Rich Smith December 15, at 2: Jessica Rud March 5, at 8: When I reflect on it I think this is because people write more about 1 experience, but children don’t come in just 1 or 2 types, these little ones have their own personalities, their own experiences, very few people get Italy and we should be happy that is the case, Italy is cool but if that was the only place people went Italy would be boring and predictable.

Are you biting your nails to the quick? At the time I didnt know what to think I did not have children but I knew I wanted to have them eventually.

Helps me see our own situation in a much clearer light!

Welcome to Holland Interview with Emily Perl Kingsley

Mike Fisher sent the card through DHL and i got it in two days. I am not advocating teen parenthood, good god no, but i am unsure if older parents are choosing to have kids for the wrong reasons.

welcome to holland essay by emily perl kingsley

Dr Aliu Shadira October 23, at 8: When challenges arise that only relate to my son’s disability, then we go back into our Holland area where our specific resources and support live. I was surprise because i easay first fall a victim of scam! It was very soon that Jason demonstrated that he was extremely bright and responsive.


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Welcome to Holland- Interview with Author Emily Perl Kingsley

The choice is a major one for one’s life and Parenthood is predominantly and primarily experienced at home not on some trip or vacation like this poem suggests–I cant relate, it just does not make sense to me as a metaphor –to be flying away from home That was the only expectation I ever had.

But it is a journey we chose to embark upon. I have a daughter who is blind and Welcome to Holland was one of the first things I read when she was born. Abdullah Moses November 12, at 1: The overwhelming feeling of negativity around the poem and tone you set may have held me back from fully understanding your intensions. I wouldn’t be flustered. Newer Post Older Post Home.