VoIP vs Standard Mobile Service – Can VoIP replace mobile voice & SMS? Pros and Cons of VoIP

The V stands for Voice, but VoIP technology is not limited to voice. Since VoIP can provide you with an actual phone number, VoIP then allows you to do VoIP texting and VoIP video calls. The term VoIP is now becoming synonymous with internet calling, messaging and video calls so maybe we need a new acronym, but we will save that for another time.

Since VoIP is software based over the internet, it also allows for more control and creative features such as group chats, AI answering service, call center routing, advanced messaging features, video features, and more, and that has supported the transition to VoIP for business even faster.

To make things even harder for traditional mobile service to survive in the long run, VoIP allows you to easily encrypt both voice and messaging 100% from App2App, or from your device to the cloud provider when calling to or from a traditional landline or mobile device, and from your device to the cloud provider when messaging to or from a mobile sms number,.

And to make it even worse for standard mobile voice and sms, these two technologies have the largest security holes when it comes to being tracked and hacked because modern day spy tools are more advanced than the old technology that mobile voice and sms still deploy today.

Lets review the Advantages of VoIP;
Reduce costs – VoIP voice, messaging and video is either free for App2App connections, or heavily discounted when calling or messaging to traditional landline or mobile numbers.
Portability – VoIP only requires a data connection and can be delivered via an app that you can typically move from one device to another, but also have the app on multiple devices at the same time such as your smartphone, tablet and PC where a call can be made or received on any of the devices.
Voice Quality – If the VoIP provider has invested in the proper infrastructure, then the voice quality can be as good or better than traditional voice for much of the time. Technology is allowing for elastic bandwidth that grows as needed. Mobile and WiFi speeds are improving around the world so the speed issue will eventually go away.
Advanced Features – VoIP allows for advanced features even for consumers or a small business. For example, VoIP allows me to have business calls route to the VoIP app on my device, but also to a virtual assistant in the Philippines who has the app.
Security – encryption levels beyond TLS such as SRTP, ZRTP and others. This means that your voice, message or video call is encrypted end to end when it’s an App2App connection on Signal, or from your device into the cloud where it’s then unencrypted and turned into a normal call or SMS message. Standard landline or mobile calls can be intercepted by cell tower spoofers, known as IMSI catchers or Stingrays, and this is done between you and your cell tower, but VoIP encryption protects your communications. This additional security also helps with compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 3 Type 3, HITECH, PCI)
SPAM blocking – Since VoIP is software based, it allows for advanced ability to recognize and block SPAMMERS
E911 – Enhanced 911 is a VoIP features which allows for the user to give their location to emergency services. Even with mobile, the caller has to either give them an address or the authorities have to use the mobile network to locate them, so while E911 is not perfect, neither is mobile.
Business Protection – For a business that handles proprietary information using mobile phones, VoIP allows for an organization such as a family office or law firm to communicate with each other internally with Encrypted calls, messages and video.

Efani is also launching a mobile VoIP app in the near future that will provide encrypted voice, messaging and video communications which will use secure Efani mobile services or can be used over WiFi globally. The VoIP number will follow you worldwide and as long as you have an internet connection, you can make and receive communications globally.

For a business such as a law firm, an Efani solution will provide the following advantages;
(1) Each attorney will have a standard mobile number for voice, SMS & data
(2) Then a 2nd VoIP number for private calls, messaging, video calls internally or with customers where the customer activates the VoiP app which encrypts all internal and customer related communications
(3) All mobile numbers will be protected from SIM swaps with insurance to cover any losses as a result of a SIM swap

For more information about the Efani secure mobile SAFE plan: www.efani.com
For more information about the Efani Black Seal data plan: www.efani.com/blackseal
To check your US mobile number vulnerability: app.efani.com/phone

The VoIP app release is set for February 2023, please follow us on social media for more updates.