VoIP call business: 5 Benefits of VOIP for Small Businesses | OneSource

In this video, we are gonna learn about voice-over-internet protocol. We will see voice-over-internet protocol advantages.
1. Excellent Call Quality
Today’s VoIP phone service call quality is 10 times better than traditional landline phone service
2. Multi-Functionality
VoIP is not only about making and receiving calls. Today’s VoIP system has instant messaging, teleconferencing, voicemail, and video conferencing
3. Secure
VoIP phone services are very secure than the traditional telephone system because it has encryption protocols
4. Portability
VoIP system can be used anywhere as long as the internet connection is available and you can make and receive calls on your smartphone, no matter wherever you are in the world
5. Call Recording Service
All calls can be recorded that allows you to playback calls and you can also check the call logs and call history

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