It is around the winning of this Key that passions are unleashed. The impure do not reach the Promised Land; we lose sight of them before that. Unhappy for Rick, who loves Ilse and cannot have her. I meant by “common frame” data-structures for representing stereotyped situations such as dining at a restaurant or going to the railway station; in other words, a sequence of actions more or less coded by our normal experience. Forced to improvise a plot, the authors mixed in a little of everything, and everything they chose came from a repertoire of the tried and true. It is that, quite subliminally, a hint of male or Socratic love is established.

Bedford Books, pp. The Faithful Servant and his Beloved Master. But in the normal adulterous triangle there is a Betrayed Husband and a Victorious Lover, while in this case both men are betrayed and suffer a loss. The voice even suggests the news report. Once they have been assembled, without any synthetic concern, then the story starts to suggest a sort of savage syntax of the archetypical elements and organizes them in multileveled oppositions.

Stagecoach is a masterpiece in every respect.

The Faithful Servant and his Beloved Master. The interplay of unhappy loves produces numerous twists and turns. The required expertise is not only intercinematic, it casavlanca intermedia, in the sense that the addressee must know not only other movies but all the mass media gossip about movies.

Bitterly hurt by this experience, Rick is at first hostile to Ilse in Casablanca, but on learning the truth, and that she still loves him, chivalrously helps her and Laszlo to essaay the clutches of the Gestapo chief Strasser, at considerable risk to himself. The city is the setting for a Passage, the passage to the Promised Land.


Umberto Eco on Casablanca

Another and different case is the quotation of the topical duel between the black Arab giant with his scimitar and the unprotected hero, in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Thus one is tempted to read Casablanca as T. Thus Casablanca is not just one film. When the choice of the tried and true is limited, the result is a trite or mass-produced film, or simply kitsch.

And we know the reason for this: But usually to make a good story a single archetypal situation is enough.

Casablanca: Cult Movie

Only later he will be characterized also as the Hemingwayan Hero he helped the Ethiopians and the Spaniards against fascism. This undoubtedly represents a nice problem, for casablabca Rick must play the role of the Redeemed Drunkard and he has to be made a drunkard as a Disillusioned Lover so that he can be redeemed.

umberto eco casablanca essay

And this is the reason it works, in spite of aesthetic theories and theories of film making. Casahlanca in two minutes five genres are evoked. Each time Laszlo orders something to drink and it happens four times he changes his choice: All those whose passions are impure fail.

umberto eco casablanca essay

This third example presupposes a ” Casablanca universe” in which cult has become the normal way of enjoying movies. William Brown esay – In Warren Buckland ed.


History ummberto Western Philosophy. The work must be loved, obviously, but this is not enough. But Casablanca is not satisfied with that: Ilse’s sacrifice in Paris when she abandons the man she loves to return to the wounded hero, the Bulgarian bride’s sacrifice when she is ready to yield herself to help her husband, Victor’s sacrifice when he is prepared to let Ilse go with Rick so long as she is saved.

On discovering that he was alive, she parted from Rick without explanation.

Casablanca: Cult Movies and Intertextual Collage – The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia

Nevertheless, it is a great example of cinematic discourse, a palimpsest for future students of twentieth-century religiosity, a paramount laboratory for semiotic research into textual strategies.

Drinkwater – – The Classical Review 42 This, alone, is a phenomenon worthy of veneration. There is still the moment when Rick plays the Diamond in the Rough who allows the Bulgarian bride to win16 and two typical situations: It must live on, and because of, its glorious ricketiness.

The second symphonic elaboration is upon the theme of the Unhappy Love. Choice of the Resistance. Last Day in Paris.

But that day will come. Don Quixote and Sancho. Keith Oatley – – Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 2: