Heat transfer and evaporation during single drop impingement onto a superheated wall. A colored-noise Fokker-Planck equation for non-Brownian particles in shear-induced diffusion. Downloads Downloads per month over past year. However, the interpretation of these tests are difficult due to the absence of suitable diagnostic tools. This capacitive switching duty is dielectrically the most challenging for a vacuum circuit breaker and tested widely.

Based on experiences from the medium voltage level and established research findings in the field of restrikes two main requirements have been derived: A good agreement of the model predictions to the measurements is achieved. Yao presented the well known Millionaires’ problem. Sensors tests showed the superior performance of indium oxide nanotubes to that of the unformed spherical particles, synthesised from the same parent material. Register with TUprints 2.

Bernhard and Gambaryan-Roisman, Prof.

Heat transfer and evaporation during single drop impingement onto a superheated wall

Increased visibility of your research findings Long-term archiving Free of charge, quick and uncomplicated Permanent quotable URNs Integration of and cooperation with other network services Numerous features as for instance author-ID and Creative Commons licenses Consulting and Contact: Hence, it can be expected that a proper knowledge of the physical processes at the contact line might dissertatjon crucial for the understanding of the entire process.

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While the hydrodynamics of an impinging droplet have been studied extensively in the past, the heat transfer to the droplet during the impingement process in the non-isothermal case is not yet fully understood, in particular if evaporation ub into play. Thereby it is made use of the great advantage of numerical simulations that any parameter can be controlled individually without any additional effort.


For this, we implemented two important algorithms from bioinformatics in the developed framework, namely the forward and Viterby algorithm.

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Print Impressum Privacy Policy. In case of a capacitive switching duty, this limitation effects the generation of the recovery voltage and how it is applied to the test object. This is necessary to achieve a high number of test series because the use of power transformers is limited and not economical.

This prevents phase separation and favours uniform distribution of Mn ions in the ZnO lattice. Downloads Downloads per month over past year. Volker and Smeets, Prof. Moreover, many studies on pool boiling heat transfer have demonstrated that the evaporation at the 3-phase contact line, where the solid, liquid, and gas phase meet, might contribute significantly to the overall heat transfer.

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Due to the automatic adaptation of the model order to the complexity of the shown behavior, the proposed approach is darmstzdt to pick up stochastic expert policies of dzrmstadt structure.

Secure Computations on Non-Integer Values

The synthetic test circuit needs to be realized using only test transformers. Which supplements and annexes are permitted? Other than most existing approaches, the proposed methodology naturally handles periodic tasks and situations where the intentions of the expert change over time.


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The comparison of the obtained numerical results with the ones known from literature is performed in order to validate the theoretical results. These algorithms typically tend to be numerically unstable, since they require computations on decreasingly small probabilities.

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Conservation laws of helical flows. Dissrtation approach shows how to encrypt floating point values in a way that all arithmetic operations, including the normalization operation, can be performed interactively between two mutually distrusting parties with acceptable computational and communication overhead. Downloads per month over past year.

The relation of disertation algebra to the existing concepts from differential geometry in the language of differential forms is established in the context of electromagnetic field description. Where do I hand in the habilitation? On the other hand, our computational framework consists of secure protocols that allow to perform all arithmetic operations on encrypted values encoded in this representation scheme.

Copies must be permanently bound. ShakerAachen [Habilitation]Wang, Yongqi: Hierdurch kann die negative Hauptauswirkungen eines Testtransformators bei der Erzeugung der Wiederkehrspannung disserrtation werden. Numerical simulation of deformation of a droplet in a stationary electric field using DG.

ulb darmstadt dissertation