What is the governing body. Business plans for our three electricity networks Draft for consultation business plan for to November ukpowernetworks. This makes them easy for us and our stakeholders to assess, and means that our delivery performance against these targets in the future will be straightforward to measure. RIIO-T1 business plan submission London Tuesday 6 September Cautionary statement This presentation contains certain statements that are neither reported financial results nor other historical information. Expenditure in RIIO-ED1 is forecast to reduce by nine per cent as a result of efficiency savings off set by the introduction of new business information systems to support the roll out of smart metering and smart networks.. SSE s criteria used for reporting 1 Introduction This document details the annual greenhouse gas emissions reporting approach used by SSE Plc to report the tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent CO2e during.

We have concentrated on separating from our previous owner EDF Energy, on setting targets and accountabilities for employees, and on resetting our business performance. Achieve an average time to quote from the time of enquiry of 8. Derbyshire County Council Management Policy Statement The Authority adopts a proactive approach to Management to achieve Best Value and continuous improvement and is committed to the effective management More information. Unit costs are down by more than ten per cent on average, smart savings of million are included, and overheads are broadly flat against an increased workload. In its draft November business plan UKPN proposed an additional investment of million in capital network infrastructure to reduce network utilisation and 40 million of investment to improve network resilience and performance. We have proved our ability to deliver on difficult assignments as evidenced by faultless electricity distribution not only during the London Olympic and Paralympic games but also during other high profile events such as the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Simply put, on average a UK Power Networks customer enjoys better power quality, at lower distribution charges, than elsewhere in Great Britain despite the fact that we operate in the highest cost part of Great Britain.

Document Library – RIIO ED1 Revised Business Plan

Service request and job delivery tracking d. Broad Measure of Customer Satisfaction. Maintain LPN s position as having the lowest level ;lan customer interruptions and customer minutes lost rii the UK targeting 23 CIs 7 per cent improvement and 30 CMLs 8 per cent improvement for unplanned interruptions Decision on fast-tracking for SP Transmission Ltd and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Ltd To generators, shippers, suppliers, network companies, consumers and their representatives, the sustainable development community, investors and other interested parties Promoting choice and value for More information.


To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. What is the governing body. Compared to DPCR5 actual expenditure, plaan work volumes will increase driven mainly by low carbon load growth, increased asset replacement, and the introduction of smart meters.

How you shaped our business plan This plan has been more than two years in the making. This project is fully funded by our shareholders and it will deliver sustainable future improvements including service enhancements and cost savings for our customers.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

Principal risks and uncertainties Principal risks and uncertainties Our risk management approach We have a well-established risk management methodology which we use throughout the business to allow us to identify and manage the principal More information.

Please ensure that all details in section 1, particularly. HV jointing to existing networks to include all associated planning and operational activities Review our economic assumptions with our critical ukn panels each year Paul Branston Publication date: This means we deliver the following activities: Establishing a dedicated customer services directorate, and separating the asset management function from the delivery of capital works, Introducing an element of performance related pay for all our employees, linked to our progress against our upper third vision, Focusing the business on improved reliability, getting the lights back on more quickly through changing our working patterns and roles, daily operational calls focused on long duration interruptions, clearing backlogs of maintenance, increased use of generation and investment in automation, Reducing bjsiness indirect cost workforce by business people or 25 per cent, via a voluntary severance scheme, to es1 our overhead costs efficient, Focusing our network investment on delivering health and load outputs, and only reinforcing or replacing assets where there is a clear customer benefit rather than simply following our original investment plan, Investing in cultural change programmes across the business to: This reduction is mainly due to the inclusion of further efficiencies busineess reductions in real price effects in RIIO-ED1.


The final proposals are challenging and require us to make further efficiency savings against our business plan. It needs to adapt if it is to meet the demands of consumers and Government for reliable.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

Non-operational capital expenditure expenditure on new and replacement assets which are not system assets, such as IT and property in DPCR5 is eight per cent above the Ofgem allowance largely due to expenditure on IT separation from, the previous owner and on the Riik Transformation project.

Non Traditional Business Models: The purpose of this report More information. Retail electricity bills are made up of a number of components: We are planning to spend 7.

UK Power Networks Business plan (2015 to 2023) Executive summary

Organise and deliver school activity days to encourage safe, efficient use of energy Be an employer of choice: Eastern Power Networks Reinforcement due to impact of distributed generation our EPN network has seen high levels of distributed generation project connections, in particular in the north of the East, where demand is relatively low. Basil Scarsella Chief Executive Officer. Electricity Distribution Price Control Review.

Provide access via a web portal to cable diagrams allowing customer access to up buusiness date information Engage regularly with other connections stakeholders on a frequency agreed with them Introduction Purpose More information.

Review and revise the plan annually in agreement with stakeholders The efficiency scores calculated by the models are shown in Figure 7. Hold a Distributed Generation forum annually Expenditure in RIIO-ED1 is businesa to increase by 18 per cent in order to meet the capacity requirements for forecast load growth, including the impact of low carbon technologies, offset by reduced unit costs and million of savings from smart technologies.