Security – Report an Incident. Report an Accident or Hazard. We realise obtaining all the rights needed may not always be possible depending on the time available. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page. For many theses this will not be an issue but all researchers submitting their electronic Library version will need to be careful to check whether any of the following apply:

What should I name my file? How do I convert my thesis to PDF format? Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. The electronic copy of the thesis will be deposited in the University Library; the second hard-bound copy will be deposited with the School or Institute most concerned with the thesis. Once you have run your search, use the option on the left-hand menu to refine to “catalogue only”. Report an Accident or Hazard. Once confirmation has been received from the examiners that any corrections or revisions to the thesis have been completed to their satisfaction, postgraduate researchers are asked to submit two copies of the thesis in accordance with rules approved by the Senate.

This has guidance on different types of material, and sample wording for seeking an author’s permission. When you run your search, make sure you include the following in your search terms: Rpository do I need to check before submitting?

uea thesis repository

By contrast, the British Library’s EThOS service enables the “born digital” copies to be made freely available and discoverable online. The British Library has ceased its interlending service for bound print theses between libraries in the UK, so bound copies can now only ever be read by visiting the University where the thesis is being held.


Policies Please see repisitory Policies page. Security – Report an Incident. Wellbeing Resources for Staff.

Writing your Master’s Thesis – UEA Digital Repository

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to openresearch uea. Ideally you should first see if you can obtain the necessary permissions.

Your thesis and copyright”. Most theses are now “born digital” anyway so it is wasteful and expensive for PhD students to have to pay for two bound versions.

Learning and Teaching Service. You will need to make it clear on the Research Degree Entry Form that you have chosen this option and the reasons why. How do I convert my thesis to PDF format?

Specific Learning Difficulty Support. Specific Learning Difficulty Support. E-theses are more easily found as well through search tools like Google and because they are made available through open access, anyone around the world can read them.

University of East Anglia – UEA

Learning and Teaching Service. Report an Accident or Hazard. The University recognises however, that open access may not be suitable for all theses and that there are instances where it is reasonable for an author to seek to restrict access to their thesis for a specified period of time in order that their interests reposigory not prejudiced or where other factors support such a restriction.

Request to extend or change the repositorj of a thesis embargo MS Word. Copyright issues When using material within your thesis you will need to consider third party copyright issues, and this can be a complex area.


You may include Excel or other additional data files if appropriate. The repository is intended to thedis long-term, public, free access to these materials on the web. Book a Meeting Room.

This is a Test Doctoral Thesis – UEA Digital Repository

Contact the Finance department. Theses are issued to be read in the Library.

uea thesis repository

You will need to complete a signed Research Degree Entry Form and return it to the Reopsitory Research Service when you first submit your thesis. Wellbeing Resources for Staff. Where redaction of material from the thesis has been approved by the University an electronic copy of the redacted version of the thesis must also be submitted.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. International Students Advice and Support. You are encouraged to use a Creative Commons license whereby you retain the copyright, but give permission to others depending on the type of license to use or modify your work.

uea thesis repository

What are the potential challenges of theses being made available online? The University encourages open access to research wherever possible. UEA Digital Repository is an ‘open access’ repository of research publications and other research output containing the details of published research produced by University of East Anglia staff.