Provide a summary only of your earlier placements, and use a similar format to that which is explained below for writing about your Employment History. Perhaps the most important thing to employers is information about how you will have developed transferable skills….. Try also to show when you write about a particular skill or attribute that you understand its relevance or importance to the job. Some SA Health job application requirements currently indicate that the responses to the selection criteria be included in a cover letter of not more than 2 pages. Many resume experts today suggest not including this heading.

It is essential to your chances of being considered for a Nursing position that you do not copy the samples in this document. What is the purpose of a cover letter? Awards Writing about awards you have received can also be a useful way of differentiating yourself from the competition. A final thought about Professional Experience — how many entries should be included, and in how much detail? Which person do you think the employer is likely to want to interview? This expands your clinical experience and helps you decide on your field of specialisation. Choose a font that is easy to read — some of the more eye friendly ones include arial, verdana and century gothic.

The employer will ask for them at a later date. Start noting some dot points for what you would xover for each of the four areas. What types of instructions can I be expected to follow?

Sample Cover Letter for a New Grad RN –

Make leyter you correctly spell the name of the contact; get their job title right too! Professional Development You will have almost certainly completed a letteer of short courses while completing your Nursing degree. When responding to most job advertisements it will usually be expected that you write a cover letter, sometimes known as an application letter. If the reason for the award is not obvious include a brief explanation, in brackets, about what the award is about.


Has relevant clinical experience in acute care and emergency ward settings…. List in bullet point form yppp of the contributions clinical work you completed during your placement, for example:. Using the SA Health criterion relating to effective communication skills, here is part of a sample response: Vision, mission and values statements on websites, reports, strategic plans, brochures etc.

In other words there is no job interview. Organisations differ in how they might want to receive this leetter from you. Read the job description as often it will provide you with some important keywords that you can use in your resume and cover letter. Community Work cocer Volunteering — optional Writing about any community or volunteering work that is not related to Nursing can be useful if you have had limited, or no paid employment. Instead of having a separate heading for the Profile and Key Strengths Summary, another approach is to combine your profile and key strengths summary.

Nursing graduate cover letter | Career FAQs

The aim here is to showcase some solid clinical experience. Email addresses such as hotchick abc. If you were an employer reading this, would this influence you to want to meet that candidate?

For graduate nursing positions, coved you might expect, significant weight is placed on your clinical skills, experience and referee comments.

tppp cover letter

The Introduction Indicate that you are applying for the position. Some employers use keyword scanning software, so it is important to be cognizant of keywords. This one contains contact information.


tppp cover letter

Some general guidelines to follow when writing covering letters: However if you have an exceptional GPA, including this information is another way you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Thanks for your advice over the phone earlier this week. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Summarise your Skills, Experience and Qualifications Start a new paragraph with a sentence which goes something like: Yours sincerely [sign here] Kerri Ingleton.

Also if you are a member of a relevant professional association e. During my clinical placements at Launceston General Hospital, Springdale Aged Care Home and North-West Regional Coverr, I learned a range of nursing skills on the job, while also developing the ability to think on my feet and problem-solve.

It is important to note that some organisations e. A concise, dot point summary of your relevant skills, experience and qualifications — closely related to, or mirroring the selection criteria. lstter

Nursing graduate cover letter

Organisations differ in how they might want to receive tpppp information from you For example, you may be required to: The Introduction Indicate that you are applying for the position.

I’m eager to find out more about the new graduate program and the employment opportunities at St Joseph’s Hospital. This sample cover letter is one page long, using a basic 12 point font, formatted for easy reading.