This is what most managed EDI service companies lack! I EDI CONSULTANTS

One of the biggest issues with managed EDI service companies is that they only focus on implementing the EDI software they provide, mapping and testing. The customers are left alone when it comes to continuous monitoring of the EDI documents that flow back and forth from your system to your trading partner’s system.

Continuous monitoring has been a huge part of a successful EDI implementation project because any errors can lead to fines and costing your reputation. Managed EDI services are usually supposed to monitor their system after the implementation is done. In most cases, you’ll find that they are not proactive but reactive to the errors. It is only when you call and raise a ticket is when one of their customer support members will respond to that automated ticket and there is no guarantee that you’ll get a resolution in 24-48 hours. What if you need an answer now? You are left in the dark. Some of the managed EDI service companies will make you sign long contracts but will not provide everything that they are supposed to as a part of the full service.

Our suggestion is to vet the companies, ask questions on their support and resolution times and take references before you sign even a one year contract with any managed EDI service provider.

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