And to track my writing. My twin sister, Anitra Nottingham, finished her masters by research in the Faculty of education at the University of Melbourne last year. Hi, just in relation to this, that is the way I work. Some opt for theoretical and others empirical or mixed. Sometimes it wasn’t even a paragraph, just a list of this happens then this then this. There IS an undeniable and inevitable mental fatigue that sets in, although the discipline is absolutely vital and gets you through cold, flu, injuries, family crises, etc. I was determined, I was experienced, I knew my world.

Jump ahead and give yourself something to work towards. What excellent, excellent suggestions! I never in my life would have dreamed that was possible for myself. Little changes can save your future — don’t let it become a career-hampering injury. The siren call of the self-help section means I inevitably board the plane clutching two more paperbacks which I have no room for at home.

Of course, at times I mess up, and if that happens I simply leave a little note to myself and push on.

As I am far from even writing 1, words a day, 10, words seems like theeis impossible goal! It suits me to do 60secs slow then 60 secs flat chat alternating.

thesis whisperer 10000 words a day

After 8 months of trying to squeeze bits of writing into a very hectic schedule, I theesis on retreat and tried a bit more pre-planning. Better still, after I’d worked everything out in shorthand I was able to dive back into the scene and finish it in record time. Thank you so much for this. I have an overall loose outline.


I’ve always perceived writing as a weak point for myself. We have a little ceremony every time someone gets a block, clapping them as they walk up to write their name on the board. Knowing what I’m about to write is whisperrr integral component of a successful writing session.

I knew it was possible to write more than 2k a day, but how? Now I just need to make sure to smooth out the plot bumps and this might be the first year I win NaNo before the 30th! Notes from An Alien. I’d look for all the cool little hooks, the parts that interested me most, and focus on those since they were obviously what made the scene cool. Your site is very helpful. Under the conclusion heading write a rough list of points you think will go in there hint — these should be answers to the research questions you have posed.

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How to write 10, words a day | The Thesis Whisperer

I am about to send this to Someone I Know who is struggling 1000 his line-by-perfect-line approach. With WriteorDie, you can choose a word count goal, set a wores and set a level of difficulty for yourself—basically how strict you want WriteorDie to be about punishing you for slowing down.

I was almost 2 months ahead of where I’d thought I’d be, and the novel had only taken me 3 months to write rather than the 7 months I’d burned on the Spirit War facts I knew now that I was keeping records.

Added to the lack of developmental aid which results from the lack of an infrastructure into which to place it, there is some inevitability about the use of other means to bring in money. I love the idea of jotting down tough scenes.


I’m definitely going to give planning a try. I mean, what you say is valuable and all.

How to write 10,000 words a day

I’ve been struggling with my work and while instinctively there are times when I think ahead in planning to write a scene, I have never actually planned a minute plotting session beforehand. My email is hedera. I wish I could do this…. Great tips, thanks for making the book! There was no reason I wwhisperer get 4k down. Each points is worth reading. A customer of my Word Counter for Mac app has referred me to your post.

thesis whisperer 10000 words a day

I wonder if it could be demoralising to come close to the target but not quite get there? Most creativity involves theft. I used to do make shorthand notes in [square brackets], but I didn’t ever do it for an entire scene, and finally forgot about the idea entirely. And the best thing for me, about writing even 5k in a day, is that I can cross major story milestones in the same day.

thesis whisperer 10000 words a day

Jump ahead and give yourself something to work towards. The basic premise is:

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