Mid-candidature review The second milestone is the mid-candidature review. Your HDR portfolio with all sections filled in A thesis chapter of at least words for a PhD or words for an MPhil that is different from the ones that you submitted as part of your first two milestones The draft of your thesis as it currently stands as one consolidated Word document. Forms Relevant to the Mid-candidature Review Milestone: You will then receive an automated email asking you to log-in to approve this request. What is the significance of your thesis for future research in this field? Skip to menu Skip to content Skip to footer.

Does the thesis show an advanced knowledge of research principles and methods relating to the applicable discipline? Is the standard of academic written English proficiency adequate? Readers can be anyone who has a good knowledge of the area of research, so long as they are not part of your immediate group or the advisory team. Full-time HDR students are expected to attain their confirmation milestone within 6 months of commencement if doing an MPhil, or within 12 months of commencement if doing a PhD. Request now Scholarship extension.

Has adequate progress been made? The committee will also consider some specific questions regarding the research project. How did the focus of your research change over time?

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The aim of this milestone is to provide constructive feedback to help the candidate to a successful completion. After your presentation committee-members will interview you for at least 30 minutes. Civil Engineering Milestone Guidelines As part of your candidature, you will need to complete three milestones before you submit your thesis: Critical up-to-date review, which should demonstrate a good knowledge of the field and identify knowledge gaps.


Your thesis meets the standard for a PhD or MPhil. On the day of reviee milestone review: Things to consider when reading a Thesis Review Milestone document: Log onto mySI-net www. Confirmation The first milestone is confirmation. Milestones are to be completed no later than two weeks after the due date.

You may be asked to:.

It is deemed unlikely that an examinable thesis will be able to be submitted within 3 months FTE for a PhD or 1. On the day of the ,ilestone review, the Candidate will present a seminar, and then the Candidate and Advisory team will meet with the review committee so that any issues can be discussed and worked through.

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It is assumed that the student has completed the revview draft of their thesis and is now working to refine and prepare their thesis for submission. You will be told the outcome of your milestone in a letter from your milestone committee.

For the thesis review you are required to give a presentation of 10 minutes about your HDR thesis to your milestone committee.

Is the thesis convincingly written? What are the most original parts of your thesis?

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Accelerated MPhil Milestones The aim of this milestone review is to determine: The candidate is not progressing adequately. Completion seminar – 40 minute presentation of the candidate’s work to the School. Agreement to combine these milestones must be discussed with the candidate at confirmation.

Further details describing the timing and expectations for successfully completing each milestone can be found in the accompanying document Higher Degree by Research Candidature Progression— Procedures. Once the Committee members are satisfied that these points have been addressed and that the thesis is nearly ready to be submitted, attainment of the Thesis Review milestone will be milextone.


thesis review milestone uq

MPhil candidates may not apply for a scholarship extension. Policy Statement Candidature progression is monitored through the confirmation, mid-candidature, and thesis review milestones.

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The Candidate will initiate a milestone attainment request if the milestone has been approved, or a milestone extension request if the committee have requested further work to be done. The Confirmation document will outline the area under study, including a full citation of the directly relevant literature.

The University of Queensland. Once you attain your milestone, you will need to submit a request for attainment of milestone through your student portal. If you do not meet the performance criteria for a given milestone, the letter from your committee will advise what you need to do in order to pass and you will be given a date when the milestone will run again. Site search Search Menu. You will be approached by the Candidate or their advisory team, asking if you are prepared to act as the Chair for the milestone review.

The Thesis Review seminar At least 20 minutes presentation max 45 min and minutes question time, open seminar.