SoftPay is aiding business management transformation. #40Days40FinTechs Season 2 Day 35.

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Businesses are increasingly adopting emerging technologies across all functions, owing to the ability to improve operational efficiency, deliver better customer experiences and improve profitability.

Among the providers of these emerging technologies are Financial Technology Companies (FinTechs) like NewLife Technologies Sarl, a Cameroon-based mobile application and website development company, whose SoftPay is empowering businesses with a variety of financial solutions across the different functions to improve efficiency.

Using a mobile application for smartphone users and a Point of Sale (POS) option, the SoftPay Business platform offers solutions including inventory, sales, human resources, ticketing and booking and events management.

The solutions help firms collect payments, manage inventory, payrolls, sales, ticketing and event, among others.

According to the NewLife Technologies co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ngala Cyprian Mufor, the SoftPay Business platform seeks to help firms manage their interactions with both current and prospecting customers better.

“The system acts as a record of interactions across all business customer-facing touch points; organising, automating and synchronising them to enable you as a business service all your existing customers and respond quickly to issues and new business,” Mufor says.