I hope that God will always bless those who contributes in completing this thesis. The word omelette in the SL has the same form to the word omelette in the TL. It is stated in the dictionary, those words are an adjective. Aku pernah have seen mothers who melihat ibu-ibu yang membunuh murdered their little children for anak-anaknya yang masih kecil the sake of the insurance money, untuk mendapatkan uang Christie, The derivative suffix —c shows that the word romantic is an adjective. According to them, technique means the strategy used to solve the problem in translating based on the purpose of translation itself.

Therefore, the word factoring in the SL has been translated into the phrase anjak piutang in the TL. The allomorph —ation in the word information and demonstration Oxford, An Advanced Resource Book. The other analysis refers to the absorption and adjustment of spelling. The suffix —y in this word functions to refer to the name of science. On the other hand, Weinreich discusses borrowing as the transfer or introduction of foreign elements from one language into another resulting in the rearrangement of the patterns of the TL. The word partner is commonly used in the Indonesian culture.

Therefore, the word was taken directly into the TL. The suffix —ion was accompanied by changing the base — final consonant form t to s. Based on the meaning, the word omelette in the SL is equivalent to the word omelette in the TL.


It is the smallest unit of translation. However, in the TL, it was translated into aktor ulung. It means that translation is not always transferring the meaning, but also change the form from SL into the TL. We move it from the jnud of TL: The word partner is a lexical unit in the translation. Based on the meaning, the word shock in the SL is equivalent to the word shock in the TL.

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The research aspect ought to be mentioned in the study. Dewa Ngurah Suprapta, M. Didesas — desukan bahwa dia illegitimate daughter of a adalah anak tak sah seorang Russian Grand Duke.

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Research and development of technology in the field of agriculture that supports food security needs to get attention so that these developments can be accessed by all communities. On other hand, the phonetic system and in structurally as well have a gap in thesiw languages.

s2 thesis unud

The patterns that can be labelled diminutive are various. For instance, the word entrepreneur French in French is thezis used in English. That is a noun in the word type.

s2 thesis unud

Out of four, two categories will be explained as bellows. In relation to the V diagram by Newmark As well, there is no change or modification of elements system of both lexical. Emeritus of Education at Rutgers University Education.

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Therefore, it is better for the translator to refer to Kaidah Bahasa Indonesia EYD rules as the reference for applying borrowing techniques. Christie, dengan kejahatan itu, atau dia Thus, the borrowing technique was applied in its translation. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word primula in the SL and the word primula in the TL have the same category.


The form which is changed in the TL e. The word Russian and Austrian are categorized as a noun and the word Rusia and Austria are categorized as a noun in the word class too.

The word Samson in the SL begins with a capital letter characterizing a proper noun. It is clear that the technique applied in this case is naturalized knud technique. Selama I was now violently recalled kesibukanku itu aku hamper- to the fact of her existence hampir tidak melihatteman Christie, No SL TL 1 actress p. Next, there is no adjustment of spelling in the TL.

The word telegram is a lexical unit in the translation. Gramedia Pustaka Utama Jakarta in It should be concerned as well with the direct translation. It means the meaning of the two words are similar. These elements are used in BI context as in the foreign utterance.