The segment is sponsored by Coca-Cola to promote the company’s new global marketing campaign Open Happiness. If the pair is having difficulty guessing a particular word, they can opt to pass. It is a raffle segment sponsored by a chewing gum brand Chiclets where entries through envelope of those who participated in the raffle will be picked every 15 minutes during the show. It is a raffle promo sponsored by the petroleum brand Caltex. In unison, the models bang their hands twice with their fists and once with their hands lying flat on the table for the contestant to hear. The segment is a talent contest for groups who can dance like the American girl group The Pussycat Dolls.

In the original format, contestants press a buzzer to answer the hosts’ simple question. Arte de Gulat is a charades challenge that was featured as a segment sometime in Their like-storyline has continued on their first primetime series Destined to be Yours which aired from February here to May 26, youtube The problem awaited event for the loveteam also marked a major turning point of the Kalyeserye story; the couple were able to see and interact with each other without any hindrance from Lola Nidora Bayola’s character in Kalyeserye The special show dubbed as bulaga Tamang Panahon” At eat Right Time attracted an estimated 55, july, becoming the largest indoor audience ever of Youtube Bulaga!. Quadroke Singing Challenge is a spin-off from the Trioke Showdown segment. In , Eat Bulaga!

In the jackpot round, the player chooses from among three vaults, which contains questions that the player must answer to win the pot prize. The segment is a counterpart of the segment A;ril My Boya pageant for male children.

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Several members of the audience may also be chosen to join either the blue team or the yellow team. The song was a dance craze during that wpril.


Each box represents a particular numerical place value ; the leftmost box represents the millions place, while the rightmost box represents the ones place. The referee, Felipe Tauro, became a notable personality of the segment oslving to his Visayan accent when he says the word “Pwisto! Pretty Boy is a beauty contest for adolescent men.

The segment features Eat Bulaga! Each contestant will be given five seconds to answer for each clue given. The player with the least reaction wins the challenge.

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Macho Men is a beauty contest for male young adults who are handsome, talented, and physically fit. It is a dance contest for children. Reyes and produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. This applies for the four stages, so they can possibly bulava P10, to P40, depending on how many times they matched their choices for each stage. The searcher rat the candidate will stand on different sides facing each other and will undergo through four stages.

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The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Conga ” by American band Miami Sound Machine after its release in The five finalists will advance and compete for the grand showdown of the competition. Doble Kara is a unique singing contest where competitors are able to sing equally well in both male and female voices. It has the same format with the weekday edition. Music Hero is a talent competition for children and young adults who are musically skilled.

For each cycle of questioning, the contestants must line up behind one of the four choices to answer the question.

In the jackpot round, the player automatically receives a base cash prize of 50, pesos. In the second version, two blindfolded players from each team, wearing oversized gloves, compete with one another to find boxing targets with help from aprl teammate’s verbal guidance. A notable contestant is comedian and former Eat Bulaga! Four wishers from the studio audience are chosen where their wishes are granted.


Four lucky people are chosen from the studio audience. Beauty and brains are sat important criteria for the contest, but the contestants must also face a series of challenges in order to determine the winner of the segment. The contestants experience a mock runway show to demonstrate different styles of clothing.

The performance of the contestant pairs is a type of ballroom dance. All who wish to be eligible to win must bring specific items that the hosts mention and must then race to the numbered spots laid out on the streets in under a minute.

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It is a singing contest which is held in the EB Studio featuring celebrities. It also became popular because of the performances of its in-house dancers, the SexBomb Girlsand their famous chants during the jackpot round. The jackpot round has the same format as the former segment Hi-Lo Todo Panalo.

The segment shows the true purpose of Eat Bulaga! The winner will then receive a large cash prize, which will be entirely donated to the town of the winner’s choice.

The project starts from the summer season until the beginning of a school year.

problem solving eat bulaga april 20 2015

The segment is a dance contest for women who can belly dance.