What is the magnitude of the force required to push this crate up the incline at a constant speed? Electrostatics wikipedia , lookup. How much energy will be stored in the spring when the mass comes briefly to a halt? What will be the maximum possible error in the speed of this cart? A projectile is fired from the ground with a velocity of

Potential energy wikipedia , lookup. A wheel, which has a radius of 14 cm. What will be the direction and magnitude of the momentum of m1 before the collision? Work physics wikipedia , lookup. The room begins to spin very fast until at some point the floor beneath you “falls out”. A force of What is the initial momentum of this system in the y direction?

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What will be the velocity of the cart as it reaches the bottom of the incline? How far will the mass slide before it comes to a halt? Specific impulse wikipedialookup. This string is then looped around a pulley and is finally attached to the left vertical surface. homwork

What must the average speed of the car be during the second two hours in order to arrive at its destination on time? Draw the freebody diagram showing each of the forces acting on the car as it passes through the curve.


In what direction must you apply force to the string in order to keep the stopper moving in a circular path? The boat has a speed of 9. How long will it take for the ball to reach the ground?


The coefficient of kinetic friction between physixs tires of a car, which has a mass of kg.

What are the units of the slope of this line? How many revolutions will the skater make each second? How much additional energy must this rocket acquire in order to leave orbit and escape the gravity of Jupiter?

What will be the coefficient of elasticity in this collision? Assuming negligible friction, how many pulleys are there in this pulley system? What is the magnitude of the gravitational force of the Earth on the moon? What will be the momentum of the rifle-bullet combination before the bullet is fired? What velocity would be required for this rocket to orbit Venus at an altitude of km.?

physics homework #53

What is the magnitude of the tension T 1 in the string connecting the two masses? How much work will be done by the applied force in pushing the mass to the top of the incline?


What will be homeworj velocity of the elephant-putty combination? How would the force being applied to the string by your hand be different if you were to spin the stopper at the same speed, but if you significantly increased the mass of the stopper? What will be the final angular velocity of this disc? At the same time another ball is thrown upward from the ground with a speed of What is the average rate of phhysics for the boat?


This rocket would like to go into orbit around Saturn at an altitude of 8, km.

physics homework #53

A car, which has a mass of kg is moving with a velocity of The box slides up the incline until it comes to a halt. A mass of 2. What is the direction of the force acting on the stopper to keep the stopper moving in a circular path? The adjacent building is A metal bar, which is 4. The ladders are each hpmework 3.

physics homework #53

A rifle, which has a mass of 5. A torque of A simple machine, which has an IMA of 6. What will be the magnitude of the normal force acting on this crate as it slides up the incline at a constant speed?