In the summer I went on a rugby tour to South America. If you are not absolutely certain that you want to pursue a career at the Bar then I would suggest that you rethink spending a significant amount money on undertaking the Bar course. In brackets, we state the main function of each segment. Join TSL today, it’s free. Writing an overly descriptive personal statement can often be a mistake many students make, thinking longer vocabulary will make them stand out. A Guide to Success 22nd April 0. Before you submit your application form, make sure you proofread it more than once.

Each institution will also have its own set of optional modules, allowing you to focus your studies on two areas of interest. Whatever you do, ensure that what you are submitting is a true reflection of your ability — it only takes one spelling mistake to instantly change the impression you create. Writing your own personal statement This example personal statement for law must not be replicated. Which are of course enthusiasm, good communication skills, analytical ability, and critical understanding. The BSB sets a minimum requirement for entry as a 2:

Even if it is playing for a sports team at the school or college, or working in the local supermarket. On the other hand, what you say needs to be supported by evidence. Kaplan Law School and assessment days Kaplan Law School is as far as I am aware the only provider which conducts an assessment day before making formal offers.

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Join TSL today, it’s free. Gradually over the last two years my responsibilities have increased, as I am responsible for the wages of junior members of staff during my shift, as well as having to make sure the kitchen is clean, organised and secure at the end of each shift. However, it is clear that a well thought out, concise application form which demonstrates a commitment to the Bar and a strong understanding of what it entails stands the best chance of being successful.


How to be a Memorable Intern To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to know a little about everything, having your fingerprints on every business activity,…. E very year, universities receive thousands of personal statements from law school applicants eager to impress admissions tutors. The tour of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay gave me a unique insight to another culture and way of life. However scary this may seem, characters can often be easier to cut out than whole words — try swapping adjectives for shorter descriptions, or taking them out altogether.

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Writing an overly descriptive personal statement can often be a mistake many students make, thinking longer vocabulary will make them stand out.

I am a currently a prefect, having been selected by our Head of Sixth Form for additional responsibilities. Minimum Entry Requirements Minimum entry requirements MER are a common element of law firm application forms, as well as many other corporate and…. As a very brief overview, the BPTC is made up of two main aspects: I have a part-time job at a busy local restaurant, where I have worked for over two years in a lively kitchen.

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I have heard from many chambers that the provider at which you study your BPTC will not be a factor in their decision for pupillage. But I would caution against over familiarity.

The modules on offer vary slightly between providers, so it is worth researching these as it may well be a deciding factor in your application.

This would be classed as staement and most admissions tutors are aware of this website! Join TSL today, it’s free Tags: Topics Studying law How to write a personal statement. In brackets, we state the main function of each segment. Your law personal statement needs to be written in a clear and precise way.


I have recently been awarded senior school colours, which adds to my previously awarded junior school colours for commitment to fkr rugby throughout my school career.

But you need to make sure you have a clear and logical framework.

personal statement for bptc

Become a Member Become a Member. Make sure that you really think about your answers here — incoherent or badly worded answers may cost you points or even a place on the course. In the summer I went on a rugby tour to South America. Providers will most likely be looking for, amongst other things, how much legal work experience you have had so far to gauge your dedication to the course and your understanding of a career at the Bar. While grades are still the most important factor in securing a place on a course, a well-written statement can help you punch above your weight.

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