Over the past ten years, 80, hectares were lost, with only about , hectares of productive coffee land remaining in mountainous areas and traditional coffee enclaves. The first phase of which was reatriculating organization-wide values. When the purpose, goals and objectives are written and become definite, staff can then take on individual contributions towards the bigger goals. He knew that to assist them to attain spiritual awakening or enrichment, he first had to learn what crops they grew, how they made their livelihoods. Some of the systems reviewed and redesigned or undergoing redesign are: The company also closely co-ordinated with the local clergy in reviving a parish church, with the international CEMEX management providing funds for this endeavour.

Despite the figures, there is a feeling — and a growing resentment — among Filipinos that times have become harder. Foundation benefits that could be converted into the staff’s personal accounts were converted. The anxiety it caused the staff was obvious in the subdued noise in the canteen, in the tentative way people spoke and in the resignations that were handed in. This bears out what other indicators tell us. Andrew Milner 1 June This organizational diagnosis was done in-house. We are delighted to commemorate our 10th anniversary as the world’s

Consistency of explanations to internal and studu publics. The company owns 51 cement plants and is a minority partner in 17 other plants. The key challenges facing the tree-planting project are where to get seedlings and where to get land.

A recent local survey second quarter of says that economic stuey for the poor continue to be harsh, with 57 per cent of households considering themselves as poor and 12 per cent revealing that they experience hunger at least once every three months.

Case study: Philippine Business for Social Progress – More than wishful thinking

Strong leaders should make decisions swiftly and decisively. This organizational diagnosis was done in-house. The notoriety of the plant left a bad impression on these communities who had to put up with health and environmental hazards brought about by the very presence of the plant in their area. My current job is really just a scaling up of what I have been doing all my life, which is to engage change agents that will empower those who are less fortunate.


Then, financial considerations were explored to identify sustainability mechanisms, which included a full cost-cutting measure.

pbsp case study

The call to action among various sectors to coordinate their efforts to achieve the MDGs has thus become more pronounced in the last year — especially from the private sector.

As such, the Ladies Club becomes the viable alternative for corporate volunteering. I assisted in her post-presidency political and developmental advocacy work until she passed on in August, The separation package was meant to thank the affected staff and to provide maximum financial support as they embark on another professional life outside PBSP.

Figaro is implementing a system of contract farming that allows for a controlled supply of Barako as a niche market alternative, thus ensuring that there will not be a glut in Barako supply. CEMEX Philippines also uses the Complex in other development projects such as site for company-initiated livelihood training programs and social activities for the community.

Andy Mojica to the Figaro Foundation. Implemented in seven developing countries, the purpose of the initiative was to collect and document information on business-community practices as perceived by all stakeholders, build partnerships with them and promote corporate social responsibility practices.

Tête-à-tête with Rafael “Rapa” Lopa of Philippine Business for Social Progress | BCtA

Aside from the superior-tasting coffee that a customer can enjoy in the Figaro Cafes, the company also offers a host of freshly roasted beans on retail. This aims to lower the rates of child and maternal mortality as well as addressing concerns about the growing population.

pbsp case study

Help Center Find new research papers in: An annual tree-planting effort was also initiated in the APO community. It is also intended to enhance international understanding of business-community relations through information sharing and networking with other countries especially those participating in the project – Brazil, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa and Lebanon.


The liberalization of the banking sector; lower interest rates thereby lowering credit-related revenues. This was a chance for staff to go through their own visioning process and claim ownership, much like the Board and the management team.

Case 5: Philippine business for social progress (PBSP): Organizational change management

They also ensure that the spirit of the organization remains essentially the same. Officials continue to seek the establishment of fase stronger co-ordination with the Environmental Management Bureau of the Casf of Environment and Natural Resources to further educate them on the provisions of the Mining and Clean Air Acts.

These programs include education and capability-building support, environmental rehabilitation of quarrying affected plant sites, health promotion and some infrastructure assistance to the communities.

Lessons Learned As a medium-size company without the mass marketing resources of larger firms, Figaro has strength in specialty store marketing and communications strategies for advocacy and education purposes. Managing changes through an organizational development program The pbbsp changes that occurred in the organization required a different way of looking at things.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Figure The revenue overhead trend showed: The separation package was the most attractive redundancy offer for the staff from an organization’s position of financial strength. Implemented in seven developing countries, the purpose of the initiative was to collect and document information on business-community practices as perceived by all stakeholders, build partnerships with them and promote corporate social responsibility practices.

To declare and implement a redundancy program in the shortest time possible.

pbsp case study

As President Benigno S. CEOs play a crucial role in getting things started because they lend their credibility to the whole initiative.