We all introduced ourselves in a nice and proper way which was good. Read our cookie policy. Buddy was sat in the tree looking very proud of himself. Then we ate our yummy lunches. We have been partitioning numbers using base 10, iPads and the interactive whiteboard. Father Steven Ochieng commented: Heavenly Father, Thank you for the young people in our school community.

We have made important updates to our Privacy Policies. In class we carried out our own experiment and created our own lava lamps. We are going to continue to add to our popplet as we learn more about Skelmersdale. He came into our school to speak to all the children about a day in the life of a Jewish child. The children are going to be building their very own Moon Buggy, this D. Helper, move all distractions and bring knowledge.

our lady queen of peace skelmersdale show my homework

We are going to continue to add to our popplet as we learn more about Skelmersdale. Their next step was to use a junior hacksaw to cut a piece of dowel, all the children were so responsible and sensible in using this equipment. See our latest e-Bulletin packed with upcoming opportunities in the world of work, training and Education for Years If there are any questions that you need to ask please see me when the children are coming into class or at the end of the day.

our lady queen of peace skelmersdale show my homework

We are praying for her and her team that they will continue the good work. Some of our team bonded with father Steven straight away and asked him if we could go out to visit him in Kenya after his time in the Philippines. It has been lovely to get to know all of the children, we hope that they have enjoyed their first week back. We arrived into school and found our lovely Christmas tree all wrapped up in toilet paper. Next we chose a lovely colouring sheet that we are going to use to make a mobile to hang.


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The children then designed their own tickly squids. Have a look at the pictures below. The new topic in Key Stage One is Dinosaurs. After this we went into the exhibition and learnt lots more fun facts.


They have already been impressing me by sharing the knowledge that they already have about this topic. They listened to some of her stories and then roleplayed the story of, ‘The Tickly Squid’ which is not yet out in shops.

On the floor was something which many of us had not seen before, it was a giant interactive piano! Out have used art straws and looked carefully at the pictures to try and make our own fossils. They all looked wonderful in their costumes and had lots of fun parading on the catwalk with the rest of the school.

During the afternoon session the children worked together to create their own story. Learn the necessary admissions’ procedures and the necessary admissions’ criteria for our Year 7 intake. KS1 children worked in pairs to make their gomework own Berry Brulee. We arrived into school this morning to find Buddy hiding in the role play area. Buddy the Elf – Day 6.


our lady queen of peace skelmersdale show my homework

Mrs Wright said that we could go out onto the playground and use the trundle wheel to measure out the dinosaur’s lengths. The four different activities that we had going on were: Both priests were delighted when they were also presented with letters which the pupils had written to the children at Our Lady Queen of Peace Mission.

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We have had such a busy first week back in school. We pesce believe how big a diplodocus was! It’s annual Marathon time, and once again a number of staff will be running the Half Marathon.

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Please check back for more information and pictures on Wednesday. We skelmerseale been working really hard in our maths work to show Mrs Wright how clever we are.

The children have had a great day in school today. Have a look at the children’s predictions and the pictures of our lava lamps. Third-party cookies are used on our website.

During the mass Father Steven spoke about the Mission Station and his work out there.