Admission decision will be sent to your home address some time in May every year. This is substantial quant but I suppose since you have a Comp Eng background, it shouldn’t be too hard for you. Hi I am almost done with my B. In fact, our alumni have been a tremendous asset to the job placement of our new graduates. Doing java programming and system maintenance.

The minimum and maximum periods of candidature are 1 year and 2 years for full time students. It really depends on which area of finance you are keen on. November 8, at 3: My hope is that it provides some convenience for those interested in working in finance or applying for a spot in NTU. Andy, i am unable to find the article about the placement picture in Asia. Hello sir, I am Aditya Surana.

nus mfe essay

Bumping an old thread to update some numbers for people considering Singapore programs. Also, do your research well and write a very personalized statement, about why exactly are you choosing NUS nothing generic please. The NTU boasts a really beautiful environment. Proof of financial support. Admission decision will be sent to your home address some time in May every year. Happened to bump into some MFE people.

Are there enough job opportunities in Singapore for international students after completing a Masters degree in finance? Please share your views. Now I haven’t received any sort of mail, or had any sort of communication with the guys at NUS, so I’m wondering what this could mean, and well, what I should do now.


The placement statistics improve significantly 3 months after the course ends. Forum – Read It Before Applying! Based on how your career shapes up, and your interests you will be able to answer the question of whether you need an MBA and from where.

It really depends on which area of finance you are keen on. Because of the high barriers to entry, careers in this area tend to command attractive remuneration. But most important of all, financial engineering offers very satisfying and challenging work to those who enjoy exercising their logical reasoning and quantitative skills.

The reason for wanting a career switch is simple.

Financial engineering is the application of mathematics, statistical skills and computer programming techniques to solve challenging problems in finance. You may judge according to your own circumstances.

Discussion about Singapore MFE programs.

It has 29 members schools and is partnered with more than 60 corporates. However, the fact that MBAs are a dime a dozen means that it’s only worth it if you do it in fssay highly-ranked and prestigious school. Have you applied for it too?

Tech in ECE and i have got a job oppurtunity in singapore as an network engineer now i have decided to work there for 3 years and then move canada rotman school of business to persue my MBA in finance is it a. NBS is near Hive. Do you want to go into the buy-side or sell-side?


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Your email address will not be mte. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. Life at NTU learning, recreation and traffic You have nine libraries at your disposal.

MFE at NUS/NTU or MAF at SMU? –

The MFE programme draws many international students from India and China with a handful of students also coming from the rest of Asia. Dewan is set to play Patience, a woman who discovers that she’s a part of the lineage of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalene who fight supernatural evil. My opinion is that essqy MFE is where the money is, especially if you lack finance experience but have the quant abilities.

Talk about the skills you will gain while studying at such a world renowned school.

Discussion about Singapore MFE programs. | QuantNet Community

Most of essat foreign graduates successfully obtain employment in finance-related work in Singapore upon graduation. Anyone else thinking of doing an MFE as well? Moreover, you will get more out of your MBA if you have the experience.

nus mfe essay

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