Many of these pavilions are sponsored by rich and powerful families and businesses [6]. Generally however friendliness and goodwill prevail. It is a hottest time of the year and a good dousing is welcomed by most. Sometimes, you know, rain falls during this festival. Thank you for sharing the festival of your country,actually ,i have ever saw this celebration on TV,very nice and happy for everyone,whatever old person or young person,because the poured water festival celebration at summer,you know ,it’s very hot in summer in your country,so i think maybe in order to get cool and get water after drought many months,you know ,in china,also have such kind of celebration in summer every years,that purpose is that to get cool in summer and pray the rain from sky,i like this festival most in summer,i took my wife participanted last time,because is very hot in my place at that time,i have to play with them and poured water each other,every one are very nice and with smile.

Buddhists are expected to observe the Eight Precepts , [2] more than the basic Five Precepts , including having only one meal before noon. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Each and everyone feel happy and enjoy the thingyan songs. It takes place on April13th to April 16th of every year. In ancient times, Burmese kings had a hair-washing ceremony with clear pristine water from Gaungsay Kyun Shampoo Island , a small rocky outcrop of an island in the Gulf of Martaban near Mawlamyine.

During the Water Festival, the Myanmar government relaxes restrictions on gatherings. Because, April is the very hot month in Myanmar and the examinations are over in April and so, all the children enjoy participating in this festival.


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Water Festival In Myanmar,

A Famous Festival in Myanmar. Some festiavl throw water at people late into the day making an excuse such as “Thagya Min left his pipe and has come back for it”! Padauk blooms only esay day each year during Thingyan and is popularly known as the “Thingyan flower”.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day, everyone. The Burman – His Life and Notions. Traditionally, Thingyan involved the sprinkling of scented water in a silver bowl using sprigs of thabyay Jambula practice that continues to be prevalent in rural areas.

If you are planning a trip to the Gold Land Myanmar, this is one festival not to be missed. In major cities such as Yangon, garden hoses, huge syringes made of bamboo, plastic water pistols, bowls, cups and other devices from which water can be squirted are used.

A Famous Festival in Myanmar Essay

That flower only blooms in April especially during thingyan festival. Among these festival, I want to tell you about the first festival which is celebrated in Tagu April.

myanmar thingyan festival essay

Moreover, it is also known as Myanmar New Year festival. Hi there, would thkngyan like to get such a paper? This article needs additional citations for verification.

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We will write a custom sample essay on A Famous Festival in Myanmar specifically for you. Temporary water-spraying stations, known as pandals, are set up and double as dance floors. The Brahma was so powerful that if the head were thinyan into the sea it would dry up immediately.


We offer that flower to Buddha. The closer the thingyan festival, the louder the thingyan songs.

Many revellers carry towels to block water from getting into the ears and for modesty as they get thoroughly soaked in their light summer clothes. Some make other donations.

myanmar thingyan festival essay

How to cite this page Choose cite format: I love this festival. That flower is called Padaunt. Thingyan festival of Pagan Kingdom. Although people feel hot, they become cool because myqnmar the thingyan water. So do I have. It is the hottest time of the year in the country and a good dousing is welcomed by most.

All able-bodied individuals are included in this game, except for monks. Most people say ” Padaught ” is a very faithful flower because it blooms only in April. Many of these pavilions are sponsored by rich and myanjar families and businesses [6]. Views Read Edit View history.