Students who intend to spend time abroad are welcome. Omta,Wiert 3 – In progress. Skip to main content. A maturity model for BPM capability assessment in Dutch hospitals. Ethical aspects of the research e. Knowledge discovery in high throughput screening:

The emphasis of the Educational Profile is on practitioner skills and school-based activities. An overview of the current availability of the supervisors is shown below availability below zero means the supervisors are over-committed. The foundations of applied data science include relevant statistical methods, machine learning techniques and script programming. Implementing text mining techniques on bank policies. Phase 1 is finalized with a presentation in the MBI colloquium first presentation , which describes the context of the thesis, research questions, envisaged method and artifact s , and the findings from the literature. Skip to main content. Can a computer virus be life threatening?

An analysis on the maturity of business intelligence for project management organizations. The duration largely depends on how quickly a supervisor is found and a topic is agreed upon. The Business Informatics programme has a wide choice of subjects available with a professional and interesting atmosphere, while also keeping the lectures informal, entertaining and personal.

You will receive a Complex Systems mbl.

mbi uu thesis

The profile is tailored to meet the professional development needs of teachers in the early stages of their careers. The cost of Security.


mbi uu thesis

Do you have a question or remark about this page? The student defines the research method for the thesis, and conducts a scientific survey of the literature in the tnesis of study.

The MBI programme is full-time. Exploring Big data opportunities for Online Customer Segmentation. Subscribe to the mailing list: The research plan should contain a deadline for the first part of the research project – the proposal – and a deadline for the second part of the research project – the thesis. The fit between Business Intelligence end-users, tasks and technologies.

Research project – master thesis

What happens when a student gets an insufficient result after part 2, even after the retake? Evaluation with health professionals. The project supervisor is responsible for the thesis project and has to approve the internship.

mbi uu thesis

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The work for this phase will not be graded but only marked as “Voldaan” pass.

Introduction to MBI Three fundamental MBI courses Thesis project and colloquium The optional section consists of courses that enable students to individualise their programmes. Skip to main content. ISI Web of Knowledge. A research plan is composed in cooperation with the supervisor. The second presentation can be given only after the first supervisor has explicitly given the student permission to present, and if s he has approved the slides two days ahead of the colloquium.


Keeping control on the eGovernment highway. The thesis project consists a project idea, a graduation supervisor, and a graduation project facilitator. The same rules on the quality of the project and the availability of a first supervisor apply to projects abroad too. The student is responsible for uploading the thesis to the thesis database of the university.

The dates are available here. The thesis project takes about 8 months: Anderson,Colin Nationale Nederlanden Bank. A pediatric intensive care unit case study. A case study within the Dutch Justice System.

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Each course is worth 7. What do you mean? In many cases, a research project may be carried out outside of the university, in the form of an internship at a company, research institute, or another university.