The first part of the course provides an overview including details of different study design concepts. These differently detailed levels morph into each other in order to achieve spatial continuity. It has been shown, that streaming the terrain data from disk is a viable alternative to lossy compression. This work shows how morality can function as an instrument of game design and what principles and aspects have to be taken into consideration. The library team will be happy to answer any questions you may have! The 2nd lecture focuses on the introduction and applying of quality and risk management tools. Deep language understanding is a big problem for machines which, once solved, would lead to a massive qualitative increase in human computer interaction.

Videogames are an expressive medium but still struggle for acceptance and are often perceived as a medium for children. Furthermore, it uses an advanced lossy compression scheme in order to fit otherwise too large terrains into main memory. Teams of approximately three students each learn methods relevant to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in theory and practice. In order to provide financial support to researchers looking to publish in open access journals, UAS Technikum Wien has set up a central publication fund to cover publication fees. Geometry clipmaps are a technique that was first introduced in by Losasso and Hoppe, and it gives a solution to both the storage and the rendering efficiency problem.

Additionally, a framework for the Unreal Engine was developed which handles the realtime generation displayed images. Course description The course is structured in 3 parts: Methodology Lecture presenting basics and applied examples. The medium of instruction is Wiem. The course imparts basic knowledge of bioethics to the students.

Remote access from external computers is possible as well:.


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Lectures with Powerpoint charts, discussions and case studies regardingmethods of Pharmacooeconomy. Course description The objective of this class is to provide an understanding how healthcare markets work, particularly the Pharma market, and how market participants behave there.

This thesis provides a practical approach by means of creating a persuasive game which supports the process of information security awareness training. This rehabilitation system focuses on providing playful exercises with personalized feedback and an immersive game experience. Embedded video for Video.

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The course is structured in 3 parts: To check whether their detection performance improves, they are combined, in group as well as individually, with a texture-based classifier thhesis re-evaluated. They may not even fit into a computer’s main memory as a whole.

The work is carried out independently.

The course provides insights into the daily practice of management in pharmaceutical companies to the students. Course description Teams of approximately three students each learn methods relevant to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in theory and practice.

Teams of approximately three students each learn methods relevant to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine woen theory and practice.

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Even though persuasive games is a relatively new field it already provides a very effective way of making learning based games persuasive. Course contents different types of stem cells ESC, adult SC, iPS, fetal SC definition and characteristics of stem cells stem cell niche and its relevance in the development of diseases fate decision of stem cells application potential of stem cells ethics and legal issues of stem cells Prerequisites – Molecular Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the first semester- Gene Regulation and Signal of the second semester Literature Robert Lanza and Anthony Atala Assessment methods Course immanent assessment method and thesos exam.


It was designed to be used from patients as well as from therapists, as it uses a new method of verifying the correct execution of exercises with a two-step-procedure.

Unfortunately, skin and similar appearing materials like hair are difficult to differentiate. Methods in Cellbiology thess.

master thesis technikum wien

Lecture covers the major aspects of Project Management in general and in particular for Product Development as applied in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Course description The course imparts basic knowledge of bioethics to the students.

A prototype was created that combines a playful approach with a proper gamification concept to ensure a constant high level of motivation for technikmu of all ages. Multitasking using a wirn system with fibers. Course description In the first part of the course selected chapters of stem cell biology and the application potential of stem cells course contains self-study units are discussed.

master thesis technikum wien

Every model is also used as an occluder. The order of individual talks is to be decided by students. If you are not enrolled or techniku, at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, please provide your residence registration form and your student ID when you visit us for the first time.

In the third semester students have to do an internship. The experiments show that using the texture-based classifier improves the detection performance significantly since the false positive rate is reduced considerably, for instance from The library currently wie more than 20, pieces of media available, including books, master’s theses, magazines and CDs.