Managed Services: Increasing Market Share by Addressing Customer Experience Metrics.wmv

As confidence builds in telecom suppliers’ ability to manage network operations, service providers are increasingly enlisting them to expand managed services to improve their subscribers’ customer experience. This new opportunity, which can enable participants to increase their share of the more than $20 billion managed services market, will be led by suppliers able to translate their solutions into key business objectives that address customer experience. For managed services suppliers, this means moving beyond key performance indicators that address network quality and applying new and existing tools that address key quality indicators across both the telecom and IT infrastructures of the service providers.

During this webinar on customer experience metrics, TBR Networking & Mobility Executive Analyst Michael Sullivan-Trainor describes the new customer requirements in this expansion of the managed services opportunity, the size of the opportunity and the positioning of the major suppliers. This webinar will also highlight the latest findings of the Telecom Infrastructure Services program and its managed services research capabilities and answer questions including:

•How is the landscape changing for managed services, and what does TBR think will happen next?
•What are the largest offerings in this market, and how are they being adopted?
•What are the trends in managed services across different geographies?