Managed Service Providers | Close More Deals With Cybersecurity Insurance – Guest: Chris Christensen

Add Value and Protection with Cybersecurity Insurance Policies

80% of all managed service providers that get breached will be out of business within a few months. Unfortunately, hackers are now specifically targeting MSP’s—to not only breach the MSP, but to access all of their managed service clients as well. Even if you don’t currently offer cybersecurity services, your clients will still blame you because you’re their IT guy.

In this episode, IoT Playbook interviews Chris Christensen, the owner of Brightly Insurance, a leading provider of cybersecurity insurance. Chris dives into the benefits of cybersecurity insurance policies and how managed service providers can roll them out. Head on over to to learn how you can add cybersecurity insurance to your business and immediately provide value to your customers.

What You Will Learn:
How adding the right Cybersecurity insurance policy will protect your business and give you peace of mind.
How you can make money selling cybersecurity insurance, even if you’re not an insurance agent
And why adding cybersecurity insurance is one of the best ways of closing an IoT managed service deal.
What features every cyber policy needs to have in order to be useful for you and your clients.
What your cyber insurance company needs to do for you in the event your client gets breached
Managed Service Providers | Add Value and Protection With Cybersecurity Insurance Policies

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern in the world of IoT because IoT managed service providers are on the frontline. But getting hacked poses a significant risk for both you and your clients. That is why cyber insurance is quickly becoming a lifeline for businesses in the IoT space. Chris Christensen founded Brightly Insurance to help mitigate the risk and repercussions of cyberthreats as they become more advanced. But Brightly has done it in a way that is simple, attainable, and cost-effective for all of the clients they work with. Brightly is Cyber insurance 2.0.

Cyber Insurance 2.0

Cyber policies are nothing new, but as traditional insurance agencies adapt to a new technical landscape, there seems to be a separation between the insurance companies themselves and the people who actually handle the breaches of managed service providers. Brightly is a part of a larger network of experts who have been dealing with remediation and restoration since the early 2000s. That is also why Chris and his team can offer both better policy rates and a higher level of service—they use their own people and sister companies throughout the entire process, making it a one-stop-shop.

Don’t Settle for the Bare Minimum

Brightly Insurance doesn’t just offer cyber insurance; they package it with other cyberservices to help prevent breaches from happening in the first place. Their process contains multiple phases that cover preparation and assessment, diagnostics and forensics, and even PR/client relations. Cybersecurity threats and the risks associated with them can potentially destroy managed service providers, so cyber insurance is nothing to mess around with. Don’t settle for coverage that you don’t fully understand, backed by an agency that doesn’t fully understand the risks your business is facing. Cyberthreats are only going to get more complex and in this business, you can never be too safe.