Managed Identities with Azure AD (Active Directory) Tutorial

Azure AD Managed Identities are one of the best features when it comes to authentication across multiple Azure services. They are secure, managed by Azure AD and incur no additional cost.

This episode will show you what classic scenarios are solved by using Managed identities and present few practical demos with data factory, logic apps and app service,

Source code for demos:

In this episode live demos connecting to popular Azure Key Vault with by
– Using System Assigned Identity with
– Data Factory
– Logic Apps
– App Service (Web apps)
– Using User Assigned Identity with Logic Apps

Next steps for you after watching the video
1. Azure Active Directory Identity Management overview
2. Managed Identity overview
3. Manage RBAC with Managed Identity
4. Using Managed Identity with Logic Apps
5. Using Managed Identity with Logic Apps
6. Using Managed Identity with App Service
7. Securing websites with Managed Identity

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