Managed Antispam For Managed Service Providers

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Have you looked at business or tech news lately? It’s full of stories about companies suffering from data breaches or hacking attacks. Your potential clients are waking up to the fact that their business could be at risk. They know they need security for their technology.

Anti-spam is how you start that conversation off. Want to know how you can leverage an anti-spam solution as a selling point for your clients? Join us on November 13 for an eye-opening webinar with Bill White of Roaring Penguin, one of the leading providers of anti-spam services specifically designed for MSPs to resell.

Bill will talk about the benefits that Roaring Penguin’s anti-spam service provides, not only for the clients you can resell it to, but also for YOU the MSP:

• Simplified cloud-based anti-spam that takes up less of your time to manage and is easy to integrate with other security systems.
• Outbound spam filtering in addition to inbound, so you can stop your clients from accidentally spreading spam around and damaging their reputation (and your own!).
• Automated quarantines that make it easy for your clients to check their filters for legit emails on their own, freeing up your time (which is the name of the game when it comes to the MSP business).

But moreover, Bill will talk about why it makes smart business sense to re-examine the anti-spam solution you’re probably already using:

• How much time and money do you spend on maintaining a device-based anti-spam solution? Can you integrate it with other security services?
• You could be leaving money on the table by not packaging an easy to setup and maintain anti-spam system with your managed services.
• You can leverage anti-spam as a selling feature and talk about security offerings with potential worried clients.