This module sets out to understand why and how humanism — the advocacy of the study of the humanities, the Greek and Roman classics — gave birth to the astonishing outpouring of literature that we call the Renaissance. Being expected to produce new writing every week was incredibly motivating, but I still wasn’t quite getting it right. All students will be encouraged to try their hand at parodying and imitating the texts we are studying, though this is not compulsory. On this module we will attempt to construct a naturally provisional, selective and incomplete genealogy of the contemporary by examining some of the discernible trends and tensions of relatively recent writing. Many students go on to publish, others go on to a career in publishing, journalism, or teaching. In a collaborative seminar or group-study format, you’ll explore together with the teacher a range of topics in the philosophy of literature. Five days before the deadline I showed it to a trusted reader.

Just pop any questions about this course into the form below and our enquiries team will answer as soon as they can. Can fiction still be formally inventive and how might it enter into dialogue with other art forms photography, sculpture, painting, cinema? Although most of the stories you read will be relatively contemporary, the module will also attempt to historicise the form, attempting to sketch a sense of its development. Rather than produce a cohesive narrative about the period, we will examine how our writers engage with, and disturb, their own literary, historical and critical inheritances. Compulsory Study credits Students must study the following modules for credits: Societies have formed; new prizes have been established.

Eliot and Mina Loy.

How does digitising globally significant medieval and early modern letters lead to donning walking gear and creating heritage trails across Norfolk?

How might they encourage you to experiment with new methods? You’ll attend a 3-hour workshop mx week. Media Room Latest News.

ma creative writing prose uea

This is a practice-based module taught by a novelist and non-fiction writer and aimed primarily at students on the creative writing strands but is also open to students studying for critical MAs.


How, then, to write criticism?

Creative Writing Prose Fiction MA

In the later sessions, you will have the opportunity to workshop an adaptation for a final project. The module is generally taken by a mix of students from the various critical and creative writing MAs, as well as by students in Literature and Philosophy.

Can it challenge long-told historical narratives, propose new ones or give us creativve vantage points? I had heard rumours about the ego fights on similar courses – how people’s work was torn apart until they gave up writing altogether.

Creative Writing Prose Fiction MA at University of East Anglia UEA

The scriptwriting dissertation is the climax of the MA course; it’s your opportunity to develop a full length script for stage, screen, television or radio with your supervisor. The memory boom of the s put paid to claims about “the end of history” or skepticism over Grand Narratives.

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ma creative writing prose uea

UEA is also part of a thriving network of regional poetry activity, which offers plenty of opportunities to gain performance experience and to get involved in publication. Student Life Campus Life. It was meant to be socio-political satire, but at times it seemed more like a tract. We consider Hegel’s responses both to Kant’s cteative philosophy and to the literary theorising of the Schlegels and Novalis, with readings from the Phenomenology of Spirit, the Logic and the Aesthetics, before turning to the development of Hegelian thought in Marx.

At the same time, you’ll prosw a number of original works of literature from recent years, thinking carefully about the relationship between theory, method and form.

Character building

Accepted English Language Iea. With this in mind, we also give you the chance to learn more about publishing procedures and opportunities, readings, literary awards and more. The module culminates in visits to two archives in Norwich — the Norfolk Record Office and the Norfolk Heritage Centre — and your summative assessed work will take the form of a study prosd document s from these archives.


Media Room Latest News. Media Room Latest News.

That’s why I’m here! You’ll study critical and theoretical approaches such as though this may be subject to small changes each year psychogeography, ecocriticism, critical heritage studies, deep mapping, animal studies, and literary activism.

This module sets out to understand why and how humanism — the advocacy of the study of the humanities, the Greek and Roman classics — gave birth to the astonishing outpouring of literature that we call the Renaissance. You will be encouraged to contribute texts from their own reading for discussion. In each semester, you will enroll for two modules.

Creative Writing – UEA

At the end of the module, you’ll be able to test your own creatiive against the literary principles discussed in the workshop. The very process forces a string of questions: Questions we consider include: How can the study of dusty manuscripts lead to the creation of interactive digital mapping tools?

ma creative writing prose uea

Your assessed work for the module will be in two parts: PROSE 1 The Creative Writing Prose Workshop is where you will discuss form, style, voice, characterisation and structure amongst other literary concerns in relation to your own work. This module will consider some of the ways in creativd poetic language has been described in philosophy and literary criticism, and some of the poems in which it has described itself.

Our usual entry requirements are as follows: