Overall, despite more research into brain training and Lumosity, there is little to no peer-reviewed evidence supporting the Lumosity BPI’s validity, nor evidence that an average consumer should expect practical cognitive improvements from Lumosity games. I’m always so curious about new brain training opportunities! While the exercises are fun, every time I have had to interact with the company about a question, or to report an issue, the interaction always left me a bit disappointed and surprised that this company is the same one that produces tools to trains your brain. I did not stop brain training, just went with a different tool. Learn how your comment data is processed. Plasticity of attentional functions in older adults after non-action video game training:

And there are some- few and far between- that have been worth reading. The theory of cognitive reserve goes hand-in-hand with neuroplasticity. Thanks so much for your comment! For hypothesis 2 problem solving gains , we found no significant gains for the Portal 2 condition, from pretest to posttest, for any specific problem solving measure. Lumosity to the rescue! I owed it to myself to at least try.

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lumosity problem solving percentile

Has Lumosity helped anyone? I do agree that most of the numbers Lumosity comes up with are a little suspicious, and you’re probably right to be suspicious of their LPI especially how exactly is it calculated?

10 Lessons From Lumosity

Understanding the Power of Radical Self Love. Hell, it could just be a placebo. Let the search begin. What would be my I. Why isn’t lumosuty BPI consistent across Lumosity games?

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While I can see the value in researching the topic, I can also see the potential for sellers of “brain training” programs to exploit people’s concerns about their mental shortcomings or about fears of mental deterioration with ageing.


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lumosity problem solving percentile

I owed it probllem myself to at least try. After a while, my conclusion was that their measurement system LPI was not anything that even they took seriously.

Keep in mind though the percentile ranking changes according to your age bracket, even if the numerical scores stay the same.

The jury is still out on brain training more generally and on when, where and whether it may be useful e. Thank you for this thought provoking article. To put it in terms that non-users can understand, compared to other users in my age group my BPI was in the 40 th percentile.

lumosity problem solving percentile

Because we had to figure out where to get off of the bus, we had already discussed the cross street once while we were planning our day, within an percentlle of when we were discussing it again.

With soolving bit of looking around online and wondering if other long time users felt the same way, the results I saw made me raise an eye as to how they can legitimately claim to have 60 million members.

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Larry, however, has not taken care of his brain and so when structural damage begins at 65, he will begin showing symptoms of cognitive decline almost immediately – hopefully that makes sense!

Because, Im a little lumositj suspicious Read Morereduce risk factors of developing dementia, and create cognitive reserve. Answered Mar 21, What a test measures after people have taken the test many times may be very different. Regardless, if someone is inept in using a pc yet continues to use lumosity. I usually play for a few months, then stop again for a few months.


There was no significant improvement for Portal 2 players on the SOT test.

In general, I am sceptical of the potential for “brain training programs” to improve cognitive functioning in a generalised way e. I know I have a Perceentile and am really smart. Lumositythey called it.

As you increase your level of play, there are more trains going more places, and solvibg trains look very similar to other trains like the green train that has a BLACK top, compared to the all-green train. What percentile is an LPI of in Lumosity?

General thoughts on brain training: I do agree with you about technology, I know my mental math skills aren’t nearly as good as my grandparents, for example.

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Nominally, then, for the population of Lumosity users, here are some rough Percenitle ranges: The best way to explain brain training games like Lumosity is that they are essentially an answer key for cognitive tests. If you want a valid test, find a testing center and perform an IQ test: