Further Help For further information on referencing, plagiarism and writing skills assistance, including FAQs and an online tutorial in the Harvard system, please look at the following website: Report For paper copies of reports, reference these using the same format as book. For work that exceeds the word limit the following penalties will be applied: Make sure you save the file to keep the changes. For Acts published before you must also include some additional information: Pericles, Prince of Tyre. When referencing foreign language material where the information is written using another alphabet, such as Japanese, you should transliterate not translate the details into the English alphabet.

Properly acknowledging the sources of information that you use when conducting your research is also important in order to avoid plagiarism. The economics of local recovery. Dictionary See Major reference work. This example shows different kinds of changes to the original quotation: You should use the Leeds version of Harvard when referencing sources in your work, and your work should also be marked using this guidance.

This is possible as long as you don’t change the meaningbut you must follow the rules: Citing your references should provide the reader of your assignment with enough information to find the sources of information you have consulted during the courseworo of writing and researching your work. Training and management for primary healthcare.


S Sculpture See Works of art. HC Bill 7, In a world where humans coursswork old, tadpoles change into frogs, and milk turns into cheese, it would be strange if language alone remained unaltered. Photograph taken at Gallipoli by Ernest Roux. African Black-headed Oriole – Oriolidae. Journal article forthcoming Occasionally an article may be made available online before being formally published in an issue of the journal.

Checking of Stated Word Cohrsework and Procedures for dealing with Misstatements A random sample of assignments for each module will be checked to ensure compliance with the word limit. Johns Hopkins Press, pp. In other words, it is a copy. Day and month tweet posted. References and Sourcing Good academic practice Referencing is the acknowledgment of the sources that luns used when producing your piece of work.

Lubs assessed coursework coversheet

Professor Stephen Hawking’s website. Electric transmission of water power. Edition only if not first edition. The garden, Rowlandson House.

Lubs assessed coursework coversheet

The alleged al-Qaida threat to Los Angeles. It is School policy that a penalty for exceeding the word limit will be applied and students are required to provide an accurate word count on the front cover of their assignment. Data set if applicable. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood standard edition. Article See Journal article. Microbial population changes during bioremediation of an experimental oil spill. Title of app version number. Section heading, page number of your quotation. M Magazine article See Journal article.


A list of tables, a list of figures and a list of appendices should be provided where applicable. This is especially useful when submitting or posting work to the VLE as tools such Turnitin have a 40mb file size limit. However, one important study Aitchison, looks closely at the psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic processes of language change over many centuries, and argues that changes in all aspects of language are natural and inevitable Citing in your text Leaflet See Informal or in-house publication.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

If you name your assignment with any other title, it will not be considered a correct submission. To curtsey or not to curtsey? Piano Concerto No 2. Here is an example of an essay paragraph which has a long direct quotation inserted into it:

lubs assessed coursework coversheet