The equivalent torque of Table 3 Materials for fabrication of the components and estimated cost. Fibrous materials with high tensile strength fibers oriented in a common direction with comparatively low-strength materials bonding the fibers together. This may be as a result of texture, fibre content and moisture level of the crop that resulted to high capacity for the selected crop considered. The trend for yam is such that the efficiency decreased with increase in speed. For yam, there is similarity among speeds considered but knife speed of 39 rpm give high performance of the machine.

Snap rings were used to restrain axial movement of the rolling element and key way has been machined such that it holds the pulley in position. This post-harvest loss reduces the income derivable from the crop production by the farmers. The development of an appropriate plantain slicer, simulating the laborious and time consuming traditional method of cutting plantain with a knife which is highly prevalent in Nigeria and most West African countries is attempted in this work. CIGR09 Agbetoye et al slicing machine. According to FAO , They are best preserved in the dried form by processing into flour, chips and pellets for both human and livestock consumption.

literature review on plantain slicer

There are also several manually operated kitchen—size chipping and slicing machines in the market. An electric motor stand with four slots holes for pre-tensioning of belt by adjustment of center distance between the driving and driven pulleys is also provided.

The main frame is the unit of the machine on which all other components of the machine are supported. This may be as a result of soft texture of the crop. It involves pushing or forcing a thin, sharp knife to shear through the material intended to be sliced Owolarafe et al. Various sizes of such machines are available from as small as 1.


Development of a plantain slicing device

Some mechanical properties of plantain fruit. The throughput capacity increased with respect to speed. The process of cutting or slicing the crops gives rise to faster cooking. This practice of roasting food items without slicing the product takes longer time than when they are sliced UNIFEM, Introduction Plantain Musa Paradisiaca L. Both frying and roasting enhance the flavour of the root crop and most importantly reduce its moisture content, so extending its shelf life.

These conveying discs are 9 in number and they were arranged in such a way that they are separated by spacers between then to achieve the desired thickness of slices Figure 2. The machine is a simple device, used in making a transverse cutting of plantain pulp into uniform sizes.

Impact Cutting of Soyabean Plants. Thus, slices with thickness of between 4. Large samples Figure 3: Due to its low-cost, it will be suitable for use in Nigeria and other plantain producing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where patented mechanized plantain slicing machine is not readily available, or where available, the costs are prohibitive.

The equivalent torque of A multi-crop slicing machine was designed, fabricated and evaluated for performance. In Nigeria, for agro-climate reasons, plantain cultivation is concentrated in the southern region of the country. The design and fabrication of a multi-crop slicing machine is expected to lead to the following; i Reduction of human drudgery associated with the manual method of slicing root and tuber crops.

Kachru, developed a plantain-slicing machine and evaluated its performance with respect to parameters such as cutting velocity, orientation of hopper, shear angle, level angle, number of blades of the machine.


Other considerations in plantaon the machine include, cutting resistance of the crops, moisture content, thickness of slices, speed of cut, maximum power requirement, power source and contamination.

T 1 and T 2 were obtained as Housing, Housing top cover, Cutting disc housing, Cutting disc, Cutting disc housing cover.

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Furthermore, some of these slicing machines reviiew designed for only a particular type of vegetable and fruit and cannot be used for others because of their peculiar rheological properties.

Proper roasting is important to ensure a good quality product. Owolarafeand S.

Pplantain, there is need for increased preservation of root and tuber crops in the country in order to prolong storage period. Different parts of the plantain slicing device: The operations involved in processing root and tuber crops include washing, peeling, size reduction chipping, slicing and gratingdrying and milling.

Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Newsletter.

literature review on plantain slicer

The required rotational reviea F cto drive the shaft was obtained using the relation below Hall et al. A digital weighing reviea was used in determining the mass of the samples, while the volume of the selected crops was determined by volume displacement method. CIGR09 Agbetoye et al slicing machine. Materials and methods Component parts of the machine The machine is a simple device, used in making a transverse cutting of plantain pulp into uniform sizes.