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Introducing the W611W Portable WiFi phone from Linkvil by Fanvil! This thing is packed with features and also boasts drop protection, water resistance, and dust resistance! Watch us unboxing this brand new phone and let us show you its features and functionality!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey everybody. It’s Mary Cheney here at VoIP Supply and today we’re going to be unboxing the W611W portable wifi phone by Linkvil, which is a new sub-brand of Fanvil. So let’s unbox it.
Okay. So let’s see what’s in the box here. As you can see, it’s branded their new sub-brand Linkvil.
And here we have the actual phone. Here’s our charging stand. Here’s the clip for the back of the phone and here’s our power of supply. And lastly, the battery here and there’s the battery. So that’s what’s inside the box.
Okay. So let’s put this together. All right. So let’s take this and there’s the little opening there. The backing comes off here, your battery. So this just lines up the prongs here and the slides in, and then they’ve also included the battery backing here, which also has rubber edges. So you just want to make sure that that’s pressed in there nice and tight. And it is easy to get off. There’s this little piece here, so you can just pop that out if you need to replace the battery. Let’s get the backing back on, this just snaps back into place here. Just make sure it’s really on there. Okay.
Let’s add our belt clip here. And that’s in, so there were these two little knots there. We’re going to set that right in the stand. And there you have it. We’ll take off this screen here. Okay.
So now that we have the wifi phone powered on, we’re going to go through some of the startup menus here. So I’m going to choose English. It is not August 16th. So obviously we just powered it on and showed you what it looked like from the start. But you can see you’ve got your back button for your contacts. As you can see, there’s a nice large screen here. We can click on the phone book here. You can have your block list, allow list, or cloud contacts. You can add your sync this up. So you’ve got your mobile contacts in there. You’ve got volume control here on the side, and some cool music. There’s the other button over here. This is going to bring you into some of the settings. And those are some of the out-of-the-box features of the phone. So let’s take a look at the menu. We can actually go in and we’ve got this set manual. Let’s change the date. Let’s see.
One second. And you can actually change the format of the date if you want. You can do the 12-hour clock here, daylight savings.
Here’s where you would access Bluetooth. We can go back to that home screen and you can see the date has, and time has been updated. And that was just a quick walkthrough of the phone menu. Now let’s take a look at some of the key features. The W611W is a portable elegant wifi phone designed for mobile communication applications certified to IP67 standards. The W611W is highly waterproof, dustproof, and drop safe from a 1.2-meter height. It performs very well in different environments with humidity and dust. The W611W has built-in 2.4G and 5G wifi. It also integrates with wifi six. This phone also is installed with a rechargeable battery, ready for 10 hours of talk time or 200 hours of standby time.
It is widely used in various wireless scenarios, such as enterprises, shopping malls, residential areas, hotels, and warehouses, providing users the high-quality mobile communication experience that they deserve. Okay, so that completes our unboxing of the Linkvil W611W portable wifi phone, a new sub-brand of Fanvil. I really enjoyed unboxing this product. The packaging was great, the overall experience of putting the phone together, the large screen on this, and the volume control. I think this is a great new addition to the Fanvil line of products.

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