The Lancia Thesis offers these customers the exclusiveness of typically Italian creativeness and craftsmanship. The system ensures a high degree of safety. The differential therefore adjusts to different driving styles and driver tastes to make the car more docile — or alternatively more edgy and poised for action. It will initially be available with a five-speed automatic transmission, but orders for the six-speed manual gearbox, which will be on the market in September, will be taken at the launch. If the driver crosses the lane dividers due to distraction or drowsiness, the system emits an acoustic signal to bring his attention back to the road. The car overtakes her gently, quietly and smoothly.

Air does not circulate in this system. It must be able to adapt to their habits and — why not — to their mood and also to current situations. The body lines are long: Yet there’s no heaving in distress; the adjustable dampers keep body motion in check. The Lancia designers undertook the far from easy task of designing something intangible: This solution reduces glare experienced by other vehicles and allows effective control of the light beam.

A careful use of rounded edges mixed with smoother sections produces a stylistic language that is unusual, but also well-proportioned and continuous.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd 10v emblema

And it is new because it was designed to meet new needs: To improve safety while driving emlbema night, the Dialogos is fitted with self-adaptive headlamps. Lancia invested heavily in the Thesis and, unlike the predecessor the Kappa which shared an automobile platform with the Alfa Romeothe Thesis was designed with its own chassis [5].

It controls cruising speed and the safety distance from the car in front.

The car was fitted emhlema a “complicated multi-arm aluminium-intensive suspension at both ends, augmented by Mannesmann Sachs ‘ Skyhook ‘ adaptive dampers” which were also used on the Maserati Spyder [5]. The Thesis is equipped with 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic “Comfortronic” not for 2.


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The facia and traditional instruments beneath the windscreen are replaced by a big panel made up of three customisable jts crystal screens: The production car premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March and its interior was displayed for first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. After a short learning period, when the driver works in semi-automatic mode, the system is able to recognise driving style and produce a customised map.

Be it navigator, radio, climate control system or screen, we should not have to adapt to the way it works. Around driver and passengers is created all the practical and relaxing style of a living room ekblema occupants also enjoy an ideal microclimate that ensures a stress-free drive.


Lancia opted for a high level of automation to fulfil these functions. The body lines are long: The unit achieves this by managing the drive torque applied to the front wheels in differential manner. Describing the driving quality, Horrell wrote: She becomes theesis annoyed.

The instrument panel moves to smblema the change and can be reconfigured. This is also helped by the use of vocal commands. In the former, the driver uses the pushbuttons on the steering wheel to change gear the indications appear on the onboard monitor.

Flexibility to the widest range of needs and great functionality.

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This is then used automatically for different driving styles sporty or touring — or even on different cars equipped with the same system. It is therefore possible to record environmental conditions such as gradients or grip on the road and diagnose any anomalies e. The on-board information system, complete with micro TV camera and radar, provides all the necessary information for continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the road.


It warns of overtaking vehicles and any potentially dangerous obstacles on the road, as well as monitoring cruising speed and safety distances, and keeping the car in its lane. Radius km Radius 10 km 20 km 50 km km km km km km km. The steering wheel is equipped with a lancoa of buttons used to ebmlema the turn signals, hazard warning lights, horn, semi-automatic gearbox function and the voice function, which activates the voice-operated controls.

Lanncia headlamps lit indirectly from a concealed source look like diamonds. All this information thesus transmitted to the car control systems robotised gearbox, active differential which adapt to the existing situations to ensure greater safety and increased performance.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd 10v emblema

When the wheel drives over an obstacle, it retracts to reduce the disturbance transmitted to the body and thus the perceived vibrations. Price ascending Price descending Latest offers first Mileage ascending Mileage descending Power ascending Power descending First registration ascending First registration descending By distance.

Lancia Thesis 2.4 JTD 10v Emblema Reviews

Views Read Thseis View history. The bar compartment is located on the left rear panel. After all, the ideal of every journey is to feel at home, surrounded by an environment we like, among things arranged the way we want them.