Capital Works Construction Project. The intranet site will include information on how to use several project management tools, including the following as a minimum: Identify and assemble the More information. RUP is an iterative software development process that focuses on team productivity and delivers software best practices to all team members. IT leaders can use it to create strategies that help the business win, and change. It also includes work required to introduce any new hardware, software, and procedures into normal operations. Recall, however, that the most time and money is normally spent on executing.

Descriptions of how these outputs were created and sample documents related to each of them are provided for this particular project. Chapter 3 there were different personalities on this team, but she felt they all could work together well. Strive to build on each other s ideas. The project management plan, described in Chapter 4, coordinates and encompasses information from all other plans. User inputs are crucial for populating information into this system and realizing the potential benefits from using the system. Do not enter durations or dependencies. The intranet site will include links with brief descriptions for at least 20 useful sites.

Users will be able to search for experts by pre-defined topics.

5 Case Study 2: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project (Agile Approach)

She knew it took time to develop these documents, but she wanted to get a feel for what everyone thought were the main deliverables for this project, their roles in producing those deliverables, and what areas of the project scope needed clarification. In his book, Alpha Project Managers: Just a few planning documents from JWD Consulting s Project Management Intranet Site Project are provided in this chapter as examples, and later chapters include many more examples.

Kevin really knows what he s doing. It is also good practice to document meeting minutes, focusing on key decisions and action items. A Case Study 82 delivering the actual work of the project. He also wanted Erica to alert him to any potential issues or problems.


Case Study: JWD Consulting s Project Management Intranet Site Project – PDF

Erica agreed that they should go with an outside source, and she asked their sponsor to approve the additional funds. To meet this financial goal, the intranet site must have strong user input.

jwd consulting case study

In addition, describe whether you think most projects should include a business case before the project sponsors officially approve the project. Mapping the main activities of each project management process group into the nine project management knowledge areas vonsulting a big picture of what activities are involved in project management.

jwd consulting case study

Erica reviewed the risks she had mentioned in the business case as well as the etudy team members made on the project charter and in their team meetings. There are several plans for projects, such as the scope management plan, schedule clnsulting plan, cost management plan, procurement management plan, and so on, defining each knowledge area as it relates to the project at that point in time.

Joe made a few minor changes, which Erica incorporated.

jwd consulting case study

Erica also had to request more funds for that part of the project. It is hard to get stakeholders to agree on even a one-page project charter, so everyone has a chance to make their concerns known in the comments section.

Design and implement the new intranet capabilities in-house using mostly existing hardware and software. The project sponsor, Joe Fleming, has emphasized the importance of the project paying for itself within one year after the intranet site is complete. Note that this example and others are abbreviated examples.

Let the project manager know well in advance if a team member has to miss a meeting or may have trouble meeting a deadline for a given task.


As philosopher George Santayana said, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Carrie DeMuth Approved By: Approximately how much time do good project managers spend on each process group and why? Project management software was very helpful throughout the project.

Table provides the table of contents for the final project report. The intranet site will include content for the templates and tools section, articles section, article retrieval section, links section, Ask the Expert section, User Requests feature, security, and payment features.

January Brand and Campaigns Executive: If there was a strong business case for pursuing the project, then Joe and Erica would meet to review the process and expectations for managing the project. What s not going well and why: An organization may initiate information technology projects for several reasons, but the most important reason is to support business objectives.

4 Case Study 1: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project (Predictive Approach)

Plan to have a face-to-face meeting the first and third Tuesday morning consultign every month. Monitoring and controlling processes measure progress toward the project objectives, monitor deviation from the plan, and take corrective action to match progress with the plan. Even if some or even all project stakeholders must meet virtually, it is still important to have casw kick-off meeting. Benefiting from experience gained in each stage, managers could then adjust future work segments and management styles accordingly.