Searching within an already retrieved set of documents can be used to eliminate less relevant or useful documents Developing Conceptual Frameworks and Mind Mapping Concept mapping is a useful way of identifying key concepts in a collection of documents or a research area. Management Research News, 27 6. What do reviews or evaluations of the site say? Scholarly and research journals may also include review articles that provide a review of all of the recent work in an area. Subsequent sections briefly explore the following aspects of the process associated with the production of a literature review:

Another source that needs to be used intelligently is books. They provide a summary of current ideas and in disciplines such as business and management and information systems many are regularly updated. Scanning documents may give some insights into key themes that need to be included in the literature review. ISSN Full text not available from this repository. A thorough, Conducting a Literature Review 2. A literature review is a summary of a subject field that supports the identification of specific research questions.

Actions login required Edit Item. It can be difficult to evaluate web resources. There are two main referencing systems.

Such a map can be used to: A literature review needs to draw on and evaluate a range of different types of sources including academic and professional journal articles, books, and web-based resources. Rowley, Jennifer and Slack, Frances Conducting a literature review. Basic searches work on the terms in the search statement, and prioritise documents in which these words appear close to one another.

Typically in professional disciplines, like information systems, and business and management, there will be both academic and professional literature.

jennifer rowley and frances slack. conducting a literature review

A search on most town names will generate entries on more than one location. The article aims to distill key aspects of the process associated with the development of literature reviews for the benefit of both students and their supervisors. For example, for books, edition statements and date of publication are important, and with journal articles it is important to include page numbers.


Concepts are typically represented by labeled circles or boxes, and relationships are represented by lines or arrows. The following typology of search strategies, is useful in prompting an awareness of these different approaches: Figure frxnces lists a number of questions that can be asked in the process of evaluating web based resources.

Conducting a literature review

If the library subscribes to the appropriate electronic journal collections there may be a direct link to the full text of the journal articles. Often this may be their first significant encounter with the journal and other literature on their subject. Volume 27 Number 6 This brief article has reviewed a number of aspects of the development of a literature review.

jennifer rowley and frances slack. conducting a literature review

Structuring the Literature Review is concerned with identifying the key themes in the review and starting to organize concepts and documents in accordance with the key themes. Typical stages in this process are: Search engines can be used to search web resources and bibliographic databases.

One of the most intimidating aspects of a literature review is encountering the messy nature of knowledge. Then all of the documents with content relevant to a specific section of the literature review can be gathered together, and the writing of sections of the literature review can commence.

The web provides access to a wide range of information, but these sources are provided by a range of different individuals and organizations, each with their own messages to communicate, and reasons for making the information available.


Most universities specify the type of referencing system to be used and the format of citation to be adopted for different types of documents. Most search engines, whether they search online databases, or the web, have two levels of search options.

Rowley Slack 27(6) Conducting a literature review_百度文库

Drawing Together the Literature Review There are five steps in the creation of a literature review: Building a bibliography is an ongoing process from the beginning of the literature search until the completion of the literature review.

Both have professional roots in library and information management, but also have extensive experience in the delivery of research methods courses, and dissertation supervision at undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral level. Why the subject is of interest e. Figure 1 provides a brief checklist for evaluating books for use in literature reviews.

Conducting a Literature Review 7.

Full-text of this article is not available jenniffer this e-prints service. Many may be more suitable for the data gathering element of a research project, rather than as input to a literature review. Another source that needs to be used intelligently is books.

The literature review identifies and organizes the concepts in relevant literature.