Introduction to Studying Business & Management for the most up to date options and contact information if you have any queries

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The School of Management’s highly successful BSc in Business Management programme will prepare you for a variety of business-related careers. We offer the Business Management as a generalist variant where you have the freedom to design your own programme after completing the first year or with specialist pathways where you spend half of your time within the specialist field (which is recognised on your degree certificate). All the programmes share a common first year so you are free to change degree schemes or specialisation at the end of your first year of study.

We offer our programmes in a three year or four year format. Four year programmes have the choice of one continuous year in industry (in the third year) or two six month placements (in the second and third year). A placement helps students to focus on a specific career and gain real world experience. Many employers use placements as a way to screen potential graduate recruits – with many companies hiring former placement students upon their graduation.

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