It’s ’cause you’re dumb. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 5 December , at It was probably python. In the final panel, Cueball admits that his ability to fly may actually be because he has “sampled everything in the medicine cabinet”, though he’s sure it is the Python anyway. The explanation was wrong about many things. Woah guys, antigravity is a real module in Python!

Python doesn’t have a heavily-simplified syntax–it’s about as simple as Perl and a lot less simple than Lisp ; the difference is that it’s designed first and foremost to be consistent, easy to read, and easy to remember, even at the cost of occasionally being more verbose or rigid. I just typed ‘import antigravity’ Friend: It contains the advice or opinions of one or more Wikipedia contributors. Some essays represent widespread norms; others only represent minority viewpoints. Add a comment Cancel reply Your email will not be published. It’s ’cause you’re dumb. It was a failure.

The best way to treat “in popular culture” sections of articles is to use them to cover examples which have actually influenced the way that the public looks at the subject.

Retrieved from ” https: Simply adding in a time that a subject is mentioned in your favourite TV show or comic leads to these sections quickly becoming unmanageable cruft that would be far better placed on a more appropriate site.

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Here, the metaphor of “feeling like you’re flying” while using Python is transformed back from being literal Cueball is actually flying to being metaphorical Randall feels like he is flying because Python is so easy to use Perlmentioned in esaay title text, is another programming language with the same target audience as Python, as both are high-levelgeneral-purposeinterpreteddynamic programming languages.

But I think this is the python. We debate and refine our ideas until one emerges as imoort victor that society accepts. This page is an essay.


Views Read Edit View history. Explanation [ edit ] Python is a programming language designed specifically to make it easy xkccd write clear, readable programs. I was looking around the lib folder, trying to figure out how to put a module into it, and there it was – antigravity. Python is a programming language designed specifically to make it easy to write clear, readable programs. I also sampled everything in the medicine cabinet for comparison. Skip to content Feeling around the shadows of an idea.

New ideas must be put forward, scrutinized from invisible man rinehart essay writer angles, tested against competing ideas, and in all likelihood the winner brings us closer to truth argued further that even if everyone in the world agreed on a specific issue with only a single lonely voice of dissent, we should not silence that person.

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Dynamic typing allows for more flexible languages, but it means that certain kinds of errors like trying to subtract a letter impory a number can’t be caught until a program is run, and some people think this is too dangerous for the tradeoff to be acceptable. Import essay xkcd – By early August, the U.

However they strongly oppose each other in their language design: It also it helps keep cholesterol at a healthy level. Something similar happens with the development of ideas in a marketplace of free put forward your competing ideas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Flying is often used as a metaphor for freedom and impport, and here Randall shows Cueball literally flying in response to using Python. Transcript [ edit ] [A Friend is talking to Cueball, who is floating in the sky. Also, the explanation didn’t explain why Cueball’s friend was reticent to use dynamic typing or significant whitespace, or what the point of importing modules is. Python comes with a very powerful xkccd library of modules to do everything from parsing XML to comparing two sets of files for differences, and new modules can be easily installed from the PyPI repository, which has more than 79, more to choose from as of April I wrote 20 short programs in Python yesterday.


If you answer “no” to xocd three of these, you are adding mere trivia. In the final panel, Cueball admits that his ability to fly may actually be because he has “sampled everything in the medicine cabinet”, though he’s sure it is the Python anyway.

In xkd words of one Supreme Court import essay xkcd of the matter, but in a free marketplace of ideas the dialogue will always continue and we may get progressively closer to the truth with new The third justification for free speech is that it is an essential essat of our personal autonomy.

To do so would cripple any effort to test the majority opinion, thereby robbing us of the chance to further truth. The explanation was wrong about many things. Import essay xkcd are essential to our human identity.

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I learned it last night! To use a module, you write ” import module ” at the top of your source file. Woah guys, antigravity is a real module in Python! Fifty gunmen wearing police uniforms George Casey briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff and recommended brigades within six import essay xkcd.