The work in this thesis is focused on the practical aspects of timing isolation among subsystems, i. We have focused on various operating systems that were lacking the feature of hierarchical scheduling. April 22, Report submission date: January 13, – The complete website is currently down and we are working on to relaunch it as soon as possible. May 26, – Measurements were conducted in a real industrial environment to verify the correctness of the proposed solution.

The resource could be the CPU, memory, network etc. School of Innovation, Design and Engineering. This paves the way for formal verification of both architectural and behavioural models, using model checking, as we have shown, by transforming the models into timed automata and performing verification using UPPAAL, a model checking tool based on timed automata. We have advanced the state-of-the-art in this research area by introducing a new synchronization protocol called RRP Rollback Resource Policy that improves on the robustness and run-time performance compared to the existing protocols. A piece of software, that we define as a software system, can consist of anything from a few lines of program code or the entire software stack in a vehicle.

Guaranteeing correctness implies a potential loss of performance due to the added overhead that the verified software can bring.

idt mdh thesis

January 12, – May 28, – The complete website is currently down and we are working on to relaunch it as soon as possible. Along with the quick development of wireless communication technologies, industrial automation networks are also in unceasing evolution. The second part of this thesis, synchronization, is an important general aspect of hierarchically scheduled systems since the isolation of subsystems makes resource sharing among subsystems more challenging.


Mikael Åsberg at IDT will defend his doctoral thesis in computer science

These two operating systems represent two extremes, where Linux is more focused towards soft real-time systems and seL4 towards pure hard real-time safety-critical systems. For industrial automation, missing the process or control deadline is intolerable, which may terminate industrial application and finally result kdt economic loss and safety problems. Compared with conventional wireless systems, IWSNs have more stringent requirements on communication reliability and real time performance.

January 22, – Thwsis begin with, we have proposed a systematic design process to support component-based development.

idt mdh thesis

As the main research contribution, this thesis presents design and verification techniques for model-based development of RTES, addressing expressiveness and analyzability for architectural and behavioural models. September 25, Report submission date: I propose reliable and robust routing protocols with respect to high reliability and real time performance for IWSNs.

JuneRe-examination period 2: An example of such a resource could be a shared memory-space, e. April 19, – June 12, Re-examination period 1: Bachelor and Master Theses Important information The complete website is currently down and we are working on to relaunch it as soon as possible. SeptemberRe-examination period 1: The non-functional isolation of subsystems, that appears when jdh software system is hierarchically divided, has great advantages when it comes to preventing fault propagation between subsystems.

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From a hierarchy point of view, the high reliability and low latency can be achieved from different network layers. Industrial wireless sensor and actuator networks IWSAN have been increasingly adopted in industrial automation systems.


An inappropriate scheduling scheme may introduce high transmission jitter and degrade the quality of control. JanuaryEnd date: However, IWSNs are frequently deployed in harsh industrial environments with electromagnetic disturbances, moving objects and non-line-of-sight NLOS communication.

October 15, Opening event: Mdn be authorized to present your work, you must have submitted the final version of your thesis report according to the procedure described in the Study Guide under ‘Submitting the report for examination’. Hierarchical thwsis can be implemented in many different ways, depending on what resource that is supposed to be shared among applications. Because of the vulnerability of the wireless signal, IWSNs are under high risk of transmission failures, which may result in missing or delaying of process or control data.

Jagadish Suryadevara at IDT will defend his doctoral thesis – Mälardalen University Sweden

This is achieved by defining an intuitive formal semantics for real-time component models, using ProCom, a component model developed at our research centre, and also using the CCSL Clock Constraint specification languagean expressive language for specification of timed causality behaviour. Next presentation dates are: April 22, Report submission date: Traditional routing protocols in IWSNs are either hardly able to fulfill both of these requirements or overcomplicated.

This thesis has two main parts related to hierarchical scheduling: June 10 and June 11, End date: Additionally the report must be submitted by the deadline latest.