October — June Your team has given us Rock Solid support during a complicated claim. I’m definitely very proud to be one of the ECM alumni. This program gave me a good chance to find myself: Iftekar Ahmed Managing partner Zuboon. Students in cooperative education none.

They do their full due difference before presenting their recommendations and their attention to detail is really commendable. Fr Tickets bitte nur noch campus-iths-offenburg. The graduate school through its various activities for foreign students insures a perfect inter-cultural exchange and active learning environment for the students. Support during the study entry phase. In addition, research skills will be developed in order to prepare participants for their Master Thesis.

Support during the study entry phase. Therefore, at the end of the program, I am convinced that investing time, effort and money in completing this program, was theis best decision I could have made.

Mayukh Bhattacharyya — Promotionskolleg “Kleinskalige erneuerbare Energiesysteme”

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Master of Engineering M. After finishing my bachelor, I took the decision that it would be the best for my career perspectives to study a master program specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the energy branch. The endless choices available for medical coverage make it really confusing and hard to decide.


hs offenburg bachelor thesis

German bschelor have an option to complete the master’s thesis abroad. Abstract of thesis Wireless Ultra Low Power Sensor System As the main project is for the small scale energy systems and all the PhD topics are dealing with research and development of optimized energy management systems keeping in view the future need of the society.

hs offenburg bachelor thesis

Decreasing fossil fuel sources and the increasing energy demand of the world directed me to search an energy related course. It was the combination of the technical aspects, economical aspects skills and the international atmosphere that made my mind to come to Offenburg and study Energy Conversion and Management.



Students’ assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses. A typical valuation thesis contains the following elements 1.

hs offenburg bachelor thesis

My opinion about the program is that it is highly competitive. I am class from ECM program. Support for stays abroad. Send page via e-mail.

Orientation Test for Bachelor Students

As scholarship-holder, ECM was one of the few thseis that DAAD recommended me to study energy from the technical and economical point of view. Throughout the ENITS study course, both theoretical and practical contents are taught and continuously correlated. Untersttzung erhalten Bavhelor unter E-Mail: Currently i am doing my Master thesis in Hochschule Offenburg. All the time I spent at the Hochschule Offenburg was worth it in the end.


Contact with work environment bachelor. The Ofvenburg study program enjoys an excellent reputation. In addition, research skills will be developed in order to prepare participants for their Master Thesis. These close contacts, both within and across networks, guarantee. Bachelor of Engineering B. The program will be assessed through written examinations at the end of each semester, and attendance in person at the examinations in Offenburg is compulsory for all students.

Graduations in appropriate time master’s. Eine Bachelor-Thesis umfasst i.

Ofenburg, several professors come directly from the industry with real work experience and examples. Master Thesis in Hohenheim The Master Thesis is the first official document which gets you The Master Thesis is the first official document which gets you Doing a rm valuation is a common topic for a nal thesis. Further degree courses of the department none.

The lectures offered a good overview of technical fundamentals in fields such as renewable energy and energy technology. Is it the time to register your car and to decide the most appropriate policy? Master thesis schedule – Retrieved from carap schedule master thesis.