HOW To BUILD A Successful Property MANAGEMENT Business

Brandon Ezra is a highly experienced operator and entrepreneur. With many years of experience in the property management industry, Brandon has built a successful company known as Grand Welcome that specializes in managing condominiums in popular tourist destinations across the country.

Under his leadership, Grand Welcome has quickly grown into one of the largest property management companies in the industry, with operations spanning 15 states and 34 destinations worldwide. As an accomplished business leader and innovator, Brandon’s dedication and expertise have made him a key figure in the success of Grand Welcome and enabled him to achieve remarkable growth and success for his company.

Grand Welcome Website:

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 About Brandon Ezra
02:39 Q&A – What’s Kept Your Head Down and Focus On Vacation Rental Property Management?
07:32 Q&A – What Type Of Support Do You Provide At Grand Welcome To The Franchisee?
09:31 Q&A – Why Have You Decided To Keep Going With Vacation Rental?
16:29 Q&A – What Is The Split Between The Grand Welcome Franchisee and The Owner Of The Property?
20:25 Q&A – How Much Do You Need To Open Up A Business, Including Working Capital?
31:03 Q&A – When You Give A Certain Territory, How Much Do They Need To Capture?
33:01 Q&A – Talking About The Mom And Pops, Who Are These Big Players?
36:30 Q&A – Do You Help Franchisees With Local Regulations?
37:57 Concluding Thoughts

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