Papua New Guinea is located on the eastern half of what Island? This suggests that the house owned by people without much free time outside of work, possibly commuters. Dot maps Dot maps show information as individual dots on a map. Scattergraphs Plot a graph with one variable on the x-axis and another on the y-axis. The areas of equal pressure are joined using a line, which helps people to see the position of high and low pressure systems.

Thick lines show high amounts of movement and thin lines show low amounts. Use a bar chart when you want to compare different places, such as sites. It’s basically a 2D representation of a 3D model. Proportional symbols Proportional symbols can be added to a map to show differences between places. Here a student has carried out a traffic survey at the same site at three different times of day.

Dot maps are often used to show population distribution. If a square measures 1.

geography coursework isoline maps

geographh The data has been obtained from a secondary source. Each technique should be accurately drawn and appropriate for the information being presented. Dot maps Dot maps show information as individual dots on a map. How do I draw an isoline map?

Geography Coursework – Isoline Maps?

These are examples of well annotated photos. Divided bar charts show the total number of items and how many are in each category. When you do this, the tracing paper should be laid over the map, to get the scale right.


Choropleth maps show interval data data that is linked, rather than data from different categories as colours.

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A choropleth map needs a key to explain what the different shades mean. Whats the longest beach? Here is a scattergraph of shopping quality index plotted against pedestrian footfall for a CBD.

Instead try to write a short explanation of what you can see, using geographical words where you can. Isoline maps show lines that join up areas or values that are equal. Which isoline lies on the highest elevation gradient, C, D, ksoline E?

geography coursework isoline maps

Follow the instructions below. What is the capital of india?

It should include the map information: In this example, the Bus Coverage Index for 12 villages has been shown on a map. Coursework for essay writing in ielts coursework essay plan online essay about climate change in the philippines coursework Wyatt: The owners will probably use cars to commute to work in the nearest town, instead of having traditional rural jobs like isolinr. Isoline maps show lines of equal value.


Where can I find the jungle? If the americas didn t exist, how long would it take for columbus to reach India?

geography coursework isoline maps

In some places, Isoline recorded a higher pedestrian density than Hitchin. If you have a epicenter distance of 1: Unfortunately, I have no idea what the heck an isoline map is, or how to go isolline doing one.

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It should include an annotated map of the map studied. I have no idea what an isoline map is please? Geography Coursework – Isoline Maps? Right, be warned this may make no sense, as isoline maps are complicated to explain.

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Brook Vessons Shropshire by Simon Norman. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Large drive and built-in garage suggests the house was designed for a family owning more than one car. Map symbols You should continue reading able to read the key of a map to map out ioline a certain feature depicts.