In this way, though I am answering an informal question, the reader still manages to form an image of me. The emphasis here is on the word chosen. And these examples are just testers. During the presentation, actively answer and ask questions. I found it very flexible- you can do wherever and whenever you wanna do it.

Syahirah 15 April at And the day came. There’s this one girl, she’s one year younger than me and she got an unconditional offer letter from Harvard like what?! Ng Jia Yi 23 April at You are commenting using your Facebook account. Designer Good 24 April at Syahirah 8 May at

Pergi melbourne sambung studies dlm bidang ape?

These are some of those great friends I met. For this session, each of the members in the group was given a card.


Esasy me of follow-up comments by email. I described briefly my time-management skills and healthy lifestyle. Why this why that. So to be honest, I have no idea what they are looking for based on this test. To add to that, I wrote on attending leadership conferences recently and organizing an event for charity.

example of essay for yayasan khazanah scholarship

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. InterviewKhazanahSponsorship. So taknak bagi mengantuk, I chose to check on my phone.


​How To Write A Satisfactory Scholarship Essay?

If you feel like it is appropriate or there is an urgency for you to know the answer, just ask. One of the ways is to train fresh and eager minds and equipping them with specialized knowledge on the matter. Syahirah 19 April at Lo behold, at 4 am one morning, I received the email telling me Yahasan made it.

example of essay for yayasan khazanah scholarship

And any further tips on how to prepare? In the midst of making a decision, a senior director gives his decision. Hello kak syahirah, thank you so much for sharing your experience! This is so exciting!

I would like to apologise yayasn not being able to update this entry on time. If so, does that mean that I have to go through the entire process once more application, interviews, etc or is it automatically granted given that I achieve a certain amount of points required of an excellent grade in my A-Levels, I suppose once I fro my Foundation studies?

On the second day, we were grouped and did several activities which assessed different aspects like: Syahirah 20 April at Hi there thanks for the tips!


Do not feel bad if you failed to complete every question from each section. Interview Stage 3 is a one-to-one interview with the Director of YK. To summarize, a scholarship essay must be written cohesively and show the intelligence of the writer.

4 Stages of the Yayasan Khazanah Global Scholarship Selection Process – CollegeLAH

To put it simply, the answer should clearly show a few things, such as your understanding of your country, a global overview, the dilemma and where your course fits in.

Thanks a lot, Anis: Now, they would like to know more about you. Most importantly, the essay must also be convincing and sincere, and this is done through exampe an image of yourself in your writing. LOL I have close to zero mental maths skills. So the staff called me. Congrats izz, youre so genius!

Be personal but professional. Melissa 19 April at