That there is regular smuggling from across the sea is an open secret. Following the attacks, the Indian and Pakistani governments both agreed to postpone scheduled diplomatic talks. Why no detailed combing of the region done , despite several military, BSF and Punjab police units available close by? This article is closed for comments. In this case, the national CMG also met at regular intervals and received updates on the latest developments from the foreign secretary. Such engagement as exists is only episodic. Phone number of Pathankot attacker’s ‘ustaad’ in Pakistan”.

Promoting Important Areas of Study. Another report suggested that the two phone numbers to which calls were made by the attackers were from Pakistan. On 26 April, India and Pakistan resumed their long-postponed diplomatic talks in New Delhi, at which the Indian foreign secretary re-emphasised the need for concrete progress into both the Pathankot and Mumbai attack investigations; Pakistan responded with a statement mentioning it had discussed “all outstanding issues” during the talks. The army was belatedly involved and that, too, in small numbers to support the NSG. Subrahmanyam, a well-known security analyst and former senior official in the Ministry of Defence. Indian Crisis Management across Three Cases Three cases — the Iraq hostage crisis, the Mumbai crisis, and the Pathankot attack — reveal how Indian policymakers have both opted and neglected to use established crisis management institutional architecture and the resulting consequences.

India has one of the lowest police-to-population ratios at officers perpeople. United Jihad Council claims responsibility for Pathankot attack. However, the quality of their output is patchy and still lacks regular and institutionalized engagement between governmental essy personnel and academic institutions.

The objective is not to demean the ln of DSC personnel but to accept that as a force they are completely unsuited to offer credible perimeter security. Delhi Police Special Cell received information that two people from a designated terrorist group based in Kashmir known as Jaish-e-Mohammed had entered the city.

The attackers kept Indian security forces tied down for almost three days. The attack received wide international condemnation.


essay on pathankot terror attack

The Indian government does not lack proper diagnostics or awareness of the means to remedy gaps in security, but these efforts are inhibited by perverse political incentives and the absence of an overarching, clarifying, and organizing statement of national security strategy. Retrieved 7 January This initiative will shrink the scope for arbitrage as will the gradual spread of digital transactions.

Crisis Management System in the Indian State The Indian state has a well-established crisis management system both at the central and state levels. Centre issues alert about terrorists; by now more or less certain their location was Pathankot.

It was reported that the National Security Guard NSG contingent — specifically trained to deal with hostage situations — could not be moved from their base in Delhi to Mumbai until a day later because no air transport was available.

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

First, the foreign secretary-designate convened a meeting of all senior TV producers and print media editors to impress upon them the need to undertake responsible reporting to avoid affecting the safety and survival of the hostages. Worse, on arrival at the Mumbai airport, no ground transport was immediately available either.

essay on pathankot terror attack

Initially the responsibilities of the principal secretary to the prime minister and NSA were vested in the same person. They are neither adequately trained for any kind of emergency nor equipped to handle situations like terrorist attacks. Why was there no careful combing and clearing of the area? No time lost kn corroborating SP’s account, all action simultaneous: The crisis lasted 42 days. The Kargil War unfolded over May-July along a kilometer trans-Himalayan front when Pakistani troops occupied the heights across the Line of Control — undetected by Indian security forces — and threatened the key highway linking the Kashmir Valley with Ladakh.

Two terrorists still holed up in IAF base in Pathankot, operation still on: Retrieved 27 June Operations are in progress to clear the building where the terrorists are holed up: Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force base; 2 terrorist killed”. However, having the CMG in place helped handle this unfortunate incident expeditiously and contained any resulting damage to a minimum.


How was this hostage crisis dealt with? Views Read Edit View history. Therefore, it is prudent to have institutional mechanisms such as a crisis management group in place to respond promptly and efficiently to crises and remain engaged until tensions recede to more manageable levels.

A military official said a fifth terrorist was killed on the third day of the siege and at least one attacker remained in the complex, as troops worked to secure the sprawling compound.

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market – The Takshashila Institution

It needs to be based on a broad political consensus, particularly in a pathan,ot like India, and become a guide for policymaking not only across all levels of government but also broader society. A tough puzzle to crack. Officers say all terrorists dead, unexploded blinds grenades or shells left, defusing causing intermittent explosion heard at the IAF base. So why was a force like DSC entrusted to guard a vital and strategic location like an air base when we know that the possibility patahnkot a terrorist infiltration is very real?

essay on pathankot terror attack

What Pathankot attack tells India, Pak”. The senior official tereor the division in the ministry handling the Persian Gulf countries assisted the minister of state by conveying regularly gathered information from Indian diplomatic missions in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Qatar.