National policy envisioned biotechnology as a state developmental project across a wide range of applications, from combatting diseases and nutritional deficiencies to increasing agricultural production and reducing the environmental externalities of agriculture while improving the welfare of farmers. Official data understate Indian acreage, however, as illicit seeds continue to circulate in unknown quantities, some with more advanced gene constructs than approved seeds. India has been a dramatic and pivotal case. At the national level, productivity increased from Selected lines were also analyzed by southern blot and a single copy elite event was selected and named as event EE-1 Elite Event

There are deep differences in the nature of this contract; many are under continuous renegotiation Wesseler and Kalaitzandonakes Retrieved 8 June The Ministry of Environment and Forest MoEF and the Department of Biotechnology DBT coordinate the implementation of various provision of the Rules which are assigned to relevant ministries, state governments and public sector institutions. Ice-minus bacteria Hepatitis B vaccine Oncolytic virus. In contrast to hypothetical or anticipatory risk, or uncertainty, the GEAC Expert Committee II had documented very specific hazards in current practice to which any anticipated risk would have to be compared:

Tests for weediness, pollen flow, growth, toxicity, composition, nutrition and allergenicity found no substantial eesay from other brinjal cultivars when compared to the Bt cultivars. Bt crops are incorporated with one or more modified Bt genes sourced originally from naturally occurring soil bacterium, Bacillus ihuringiensis Bt is its popular abbreviation.

Bt Brinjal : Issues and Concerns

Sheila Jasanoff in Designs on Nature carefully analyzed quite variable styles of governance of biotechnology in different nations of the more-industrialized world with longer experience with the technology. Bt cotton approval from the GEAC became official on 26 Marchwhen India became the 16th country in the world to commercialize a genetically engineered cultivar; there were 28 in Colleagues in science, regulatory authority, the seed business in India, and one farmer, have told me that Bt brinjal seeds are in the market.


Global Review of Transgenic Crops: Moreover, Minister Ramesh has stated: Opponents emphasized continuing uncertainty about negative externalities of technologies cleared by institutional science and more important, clear demonstration of institutional incapacity to evaluate, monitor and control biotech crops.

Keeping track of these developments and convinced with utility of transgenics several public sector and private sector research organizations started working on GM fruit and vegetable crops and the information is summarized in Table In Mahyco submitted environmental safety, gene efficacy and agronomic performance data to the GEAC.

Farmer income depends on weight of harvested plants and their marketability.

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Bt cotton fulfilled some national developmental aspirations: Other residues of claims made in opposition to Bt cotton were rejected; the Minister wrote: Without data from field trials, it is difficult to know when esasy precaution has been exercised nor what the effect on farmers would be. When asked why the Centre had placed a moratorium on release of Bt brinjal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in an interview with Science: Mahyco has transferred this technology to institutions in Bangladesh and Philippines also.

essay on bt brinjal

Brinjal is an Indian-English word; baingan is the common Hindi name. The aura of uncertainty and distrust of state science proved to be a politically powerful residue. Gene therapy Genetic enhancement. Global Rifts over Biotechnology: The Bt toxin then punctures the gut leaving the insect unable to eat.


The Times of India. The inside of the fruit is hollow and filled with frass resulting into non-marketable fruits. Mahyco has also developed a PCR- based event identification system ID for this unique event EE-1 in order to track this event in green-house and field. Tests by Mahyco in included studies of weediness and aggressiveness, pollen flow, growth, toxicity and allergenicity.

Biotechnology has enormous potential and we must make use of genetic engineering to increase the productivity of our agriculture.

essay on bt brinjal

During the confrontation over Bt brinjal, both results of state science and the institution itself were consequentially contested. Whose germplasm is it? The larvae can be found feeding inside the fruit of a wilted plant.


Robert Paarlberg in Politics of Precaution derived from his research in Kenya, China, India and Brazil a four-fold typology of institutional arrangements and criteria for approval of rDNA crops: As risk is an infinitely elastic social construction, state science is unlikely to meet the absolute certainty criterion.

But the specificity of state science of Bt in India demonstrates anomalies that are not found in all countries. Normal science in the agro-economic tradition found that Bt technology in cotton improved both net income of farmers and sustainability. esssy

Uses authors parameter CS1 maint: Six academies submit a joint report stating that Bt brinjal should be released.