How does he blame his mother for his troubles? From Honduras to the United States it is roughly 3, kilometers. Get Enrique’s Journey from Amazon. What actions does Sonia Nazario wish to inspire in her readers? Support your opinion using facts from the book.

What do they like about living in the United States and your community? Then ask them to survey at least 25 people. Additional questions for discussion: Minor is Carmen’s year-old son who has made his way from Guatemala to reach his mother. In many ways, Enrique is emblematic of many of his countrymen who came to the United States illegally. What does the United States offer Latin American immigrants that they cannot get in their own countries? Four Week Quiz A.

Mid-Book Test – Medium. Essay Criteria The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on. How does he blame his mother for his troubles?

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Discuss the anti-immigrant measures local, state, and national governments have taken. Which particularly stood out to you? How is his father partly responsible? He decided to go forth on this deadly trek. Get Enrique’s Journey from Amazon.

enriques journey essay questions

The Common Core Standards place emphasis on the importance of reading and examining nonfiction for meaning and application to society. What is the overall attitude about this act? How and when did your own family come to the United States? Also available in a handy-dandy PDF handout below.


enriques journey essay questions

How jourhey Padre Leo and Olga work to restore dignity to migrants, and give them hope? There is a constant theme of families being separated and reunited throughout the text.

Lourdes promises only to stay until she can send for her children or return with enough money to support them, but each year setbacks prevent her from being with her children again. That is, are we predisposed to joureny cooperatively, to help others even when it costs us?

Include information such as: Allow time for each group to share the lyrics in class and lead a discussion that draws a relationship between hope expressed in the lyrics and the journey of migrants like Enrique.

enriques journey essay questions

Short Essay Questions Key. Nazario has a housekeeper named Carmen, who one day tells her about her life and children.

Enrique’s Journey Teacher’s Guide

After difficult stays with other relatives, Enrique sets out to find his mother. Spend class time comparing the various results.

This leads to the journe, the light at the end of the tunnel. He had to try again and again to travel up north and every time he was sent right back home.


Enrique’s Journey Short Essay – Answer Key

Discuss the environment in which Diana lives. Four Week Quiz B. Copyrights Enrique’s Journey from BookRags. The Aura of Colonial Nostalgia: She had left because she wanted to help support her family back in Honduras by working in America.


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Questions for Discussion The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that in there were over 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States. Overcoming Adversity on Mount Everest. Carmen has four children in Guatemala and has not seen them in 12 years.

How does it look like the beginning of the book may repeat itself? What sparked the idea for the book? This section contains 3, words approx. Who are the gangsters in Florida that Enrique fears? He gives her a hug.

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