Between and both included there are 51 even nos. How difficult was this interview? Negative marking is done based on. What is the validity of eLitmus Score? Some important topics of quantitative aptitude for elitmus exam are:. Time management is extremely important for this exam.

Typically companies using Elitmus pH test scores tend to set their own criteria while defining the profiles they look to hire for. Correct Between and both included there are 51 even nos. Name of the College. Sincere efforts have been made to make the users understand the concepts. Beware of negative marking There is a negative marking for wrong answers.

There are 7 even nos which are divisible by 7 and slving nos which are divisible by 9 and 1 no divisible by both. Sincere efforts have been made to make the users understand the concepts.

elitmus problem solving syllabus

If the net score of a student is 32, the number of questions answered wrongly by that student cannot be less than. How does eLitmus hire? Your result has been entered into leaderboard Loading.

Correct 1, 2, 3, 4,…. Hope it will be helpful to you in future.

ELitmus Problem Solving Syllabus

WE have provided detailed explanation of all the questions along with some easy tricks and there are three levels – Easy, medium solvign miscellaneous. Elitmus follows a differential negative marking scheme.


If the total number of wrong answers isthen the value of n is. Quiz-summary 0 of 10 questions completed Questions: Interview Questions What kind of questions were you asked in round basis? While preparing for the elitmjs exam, you need to check the eLitmus syllabus and prepare topics in the order of importance. Login to post your comment Click here.

eLitmus Syllabus and Test Pattern 2018 for eLitmus written pH Test

It can take away their precious time. The syllabus for eLitmus exam pattern is so,ving below. These unplaced students go for off-campus drives in hopes of getting placed.

Start your preparation today to succeed in eLitmus. Between and both included there are 51 even nos. The Elitmus exam is designed to test how oroblem is the candidate and hence it is essential to know the concepts of the above-mentioned topics.

Don’t try to answer which you are not sure. Let the number of questions answered correctly be x and the number of questions answered wrongly be slving. Please keep the below points in mind, before you attend the eLitmus exam. I got 89 percentile after preparing from those books my friend got 92 and she suggested me. The sum of 3rd and 15th elements of an arithmetic progression is equal to the sum of 6th, 11th and 13th elements of the same progression.


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Lakhs and Lakhs of candidates graduate every year. Total E-litmus test will have 3 sections with 20 questions each. Printout of eAadhar is not accepted.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We will help you at any Time. Correct If there is only 1 green ball, it can be done in 6 ways If there are 2 green balls, it can ssolving done in 5 ways.

Even though most elitmux the colleges offer on-campus placements, not everyone gets placed in them. Answered Apr 10, The maximum possible number of elements in S is.

elitmus problem solving syllabus

The eLitmus conducts Hiring Potential pH Test and evaluates job seekers based on syllabjs set of parameters and grades them nationwide. The smallest possible value of g x is.