Immunology Regulation of C5a-mediated effects on innate immune functions during experimental sepsis. Investigation regarding the epithelial electrolyte and nutrient transport across the intestinal mucosa in the horse. Molecular epidemiology of infectious bursal disease viruses and development of a microparticle based vaccine. The role of N-butyl deoxynojirimycin in enzyme function, membrane association and targeting of brush border hydrolases. Molecular investigations of triclosan tolerance in isolates and mutants of different Salmonella serovars considering a possible development of cross-resistance to antibiotics.

Impact of enviromental enrichment and caging on the physiology and behavior of mice. Physiological and molecular comparison of susceptible and anthelmintic-resistant isolates of cattle parasitic nematodes. Schwabe, Kerstin Pharmacology Anatomical and pharmacological characterisation of a seizure sensitive region in the piriform cortex of the rat. Analysis of the cytoplasmic domain of an Alphacoronavirus Spike protein and its function during virus assembly. Molecular epidemiology of infectious bursal disease viruses and development of a microparticle based vaccine. Production of hA-transgenic pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer for xenotransplantation research.

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Comparison of the pathogenesis of infectious bursal disease viurs IBDV in genetically different chickens after infection with virus strains of different virulence. Molecular signalling and transport mechanisms in humans and their transferability to dogs. Krug, Astrid Zoology Dixsertation and population structure of the European tree frog Hyla arborea for supporting effective species conservation.

Identification and analysis of hannoevr genes involved in susceptiblility to influenza A virus infection using mouse mutants. Approaches for the development of transposon based vaccine against Classical Swine Fever Virus.

dissertation tiermedizin hannover

Management support and early warning system tuermedizin national biodiversity databases in a network of national, regional EAAP and international FAO structures. The effect of bacterial co-infection on the infection of well-differentiated porcine respiratory epithelial cells by swine influenza viruses.


Michaela Parasitology Molecular studies on benzimidazole resistance in cyathostome species. Molecular basis of the heterogeneity in congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency.

Sciences Inflammatopry bowel disease in interleukin deficient mice: Molecular mechanisms of the adaptation of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae to the porcine respiratory tract. Electrophysiological and histological studies of the disserattion myometrium during pregnancy and under the influence of potassium and NO.

dissertation tiermedizin hannover

Kastein, Hanna Babette Zoology Experiments on social call perception by bats. Studies on pathogenesis of avian Metapneumovirus aMPV infection in turkeys and the role of immune mechanisms for the protection against aMPV.

Comparison of fresh frozen vs. Brandt, Claudia Pharmacology The role of neurodegeneration for the pathogenesis of temporal lobe epilepsy with the regard to the development of new antiepileptic drugs. Freichel, Christian Pharmacology Investigation of GABAergic neurons in the piriform cortex and other epilepsy-related brain regions of the rat in different models of temporal lobe epilepsy.

Our graduates are hanjover below with the year of degree and title of the PhD thesis. Tappenbeck, Karen Physiology Lidocaine effects in equine jejunal circular and longitudinal smooth muscle in vitro. Comparative analysis of current infectious bronchitis virus isolates in primary cell culture systems.

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Binding properties and localisation in eukaryotic cells. Molecular epidemiology of infectious bursal disease viruses and development of a microparticle based vaccine.

Antigen expression and metabolism of Mycobacterium avium subsp. The effect of cytokines and involvement of ER stress on intestinal epithelial cell tiermedizon, protein folding and expression of intestinal proteins.


Epitope mapping of the structural protein Erns of Classical swine fever virus. Alumni With alumni in professional positions of university faculties and in various clinics Vet.

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Analysis of the sialic acid binding activity of the hemagglutinins of influenza viruses and its role in host tropism. Blickwede, Maren Microbiology Florfenicol-dependent modulation of staphylococcal virulence properties.

Schicht, Sabine Parasitology Analyse des Gesamttranskriptoms, Sekretoms und Transmembranoms der Roten Vogelmilbe Dermanyssus gallinae Whole transcriptome, secretome and transmembranome analysis of the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae. Lars Pathology A new model of blood vessel remodeling: In vivo and in vitro characterization of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides by transcriptomic an proteomic analysis.

PSMA, a marker for prostate cancer: Transcriptome analysis of preadult hypobiotic and non-hypobiotic L5 stages as well as in vitro studies on the sexual matruation of preadult larvae of the bovine lungworm Dictyocaulus viviparus.

dissertation tiermedizin hannover

Experimental studies into the role of cAMP in bovine oocyte maturation and embryo developmental competence. Jennifer Freymann, PhD The role of bedding depth in the husbandry of group-housed laboratory mice: The role of “Immediate Early Genes” in the central nervous system of susceptible and resistant mouse strains during Theiler’s murine uannover.

Cornelia Physiology PTHrP and milk stimulate a vitamin D-independent active intestinal calcium transport in suckled piglets.